By His Grace We Shall Overcome 2020


The Coronavirus campaign that is led by Ministry of Health advising Kenyans to stay safe at this time of the deadly pandemic, was picked by Madam Julliet Makhapila and later publicized by Diaspora National Assembly President Arch. Dr. D.K. Gitau.

Madam Julliet Makhapila who is the Founder of North London Kenyan Group and popularly known as “African wonder Woman” has taken the campaign to another level to include  other  African Countries as well as Europe and America. She has involved community leaders all over the entire Diaspora  Europe and the Kenya message “ we shall overcome” and led by the Kenyan President and his cabinet, has received a lot of support.

The campaign include, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe ,  Malawi, Germany and other countries.

Well done Kenyan Citizens and we thank all volunteer and others who have shared the message widely.

The message is clear to all “Stay at home and keep safe”.

Help us to reach every home by passing the message to at least 20 people.

Yes together we shall overcome.

Thank you your Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta and your entire Cabinet and Ministry of Health in Kenya.

Julliet Makhapila

Founder of UK Africa Diaspora Forum and North London Kenyan Group

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