2020 DIASPORA TIMES SPECIAL: Top 17 Diaspora Kenyans In USA Who Made A Difference In 2020


Top 17 Diaspora Kenyans In USA Who Made A Difference In 2020

Jeremy Damaris:

A Philanthropist Who Keeps On Amazing Many In The Entire World.

Jeremy Damaris a US based Kenya Diaspora Media personality, Kenyan Diaspora MC and Producer, CEO and founder of Kenya Diaspora Media.

If you have ever met him, you will agree with the Kikuyu saying that put it thus:

“fame cannot be equated with the beholder” and true like said, Jeremy is in a “classe speciale” of his own and not anywhere near to the so called leaders for he is above many.

The word Philanthropy may have been purposely created just to describe this true son of Africa who all the time goes out of his way to express empathy while compassionately responding positively to deserving cases many don’t pay attention to and pass the buck to politicians.

An aspiration and a fulfillment to valid dreams by connecting the dots and networking to those that share common values and purpose to bring about change to humanity and society at large.

Yes Jeremy has a special gift that can make us believe in ourselves and together as one family in Diaspora, we can do great things.

When we find such people within our midst it’s only fair to put our differences aside and support their noble causes that are aimed at helping the less fortunate, not only in Kenya but also in the Diaspora.

That is no other but the man known to many as JEREMY DAMARIS and surely we must support this true son of Africa to realize his dreams and aspirations in life of helping the sick and helpless.

Jeremy is not the son of the woman mentioned in a single verse in Acts of the Apostles (17:34 as one of those present when Paul of Tarsus preached in Athens in front of the Athenian Areopagus in c. AD 55) who embraced the Christian faith following Paul’s speech, but a man from a humble beginning who like many other Kenyans, ended in America to chase the American dream.

When the Pandemic broke out, Jeremy organized a funds drive that realized over $30,000 which was used to feed starving families in Kenya.

It was through his efforts that the Kenyan Diaspora Media were able to purchase a house for media broadcasting in Birmingham Alabama, by way of “cash” and thus making him among the top Kenyans that have made a difference this year.

Keep up the good work.


Telephone +1 2057204397

Dr. K.N. Jacobs:

This True Son Of  Africa Is A Career Coporate Trainer And The Best Incentive Speaker Of All Times.

Speaker Dr. K.N Jacob is a motivational speaker, life, and emotional intelligence coach. Jacob inspires audience members to improve all areas of their lives through powerful insight and actionable takeaways. Speaker Dr K.N Jacob speaks on personal and professional leadership and the areas of growth where people experience the most changes. His keynotes have reached many corporations and individuals and is the catalyst for change.

Speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob has had the privilege of speaking for the Fortune 500 on Emotional Intelligence; Personal Leadership; Personal Branding; Raising the Standards; Strategic Thinking; and Importance of Giving. He’s spoken in corporate organizations and church conferences in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.  Coached over 10,000 leaders worldwide to discover their Purpose in Life through his Global Mentorship Program,

Dr. K. N. Jacob has been engaged as a conference speaker in many nations among them, The United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Dr. K. N. Jacob is the founder of SENSE 101 LIFE CLUB, the fastest growing mentorship and life coaching club in Africa. Sense 101 Life Club is a life skills mentorship club piloted by Dr. K. N. Jacob for training, coaching and mentoring members on life skills through inspirational club monthly fora, club units referred to as Sense 101 Crews, publications, audio/video tapes and annual conferences.

In addition, Dr. K. N. Jacob is the founder director of SHAPE AFRIKA, an organizational re-engineering private firm focusing on corporate training in areas like change management; performance management; culture change; blue ocean strategy; emotional intelligence; work-life balance; team work; servant-hood leadership; organizational values; and work attitudes among many more.

Speaker Dr. K.N. Jacob is very passionate about helping people discover their purpose in life and raise their self-image, personal brand, and professional standards. He helps individuals, leaders, parents, and couples enhance their emotional intelligence to improve their personal and professional relationships. He speaks on parenting and relationships. He works with commercial organizations on strategic thinking and developing their brand equity.


Mobil +7688153402 or 6788185372


Meet Dr. Lucy Mckenzie, The Dynamic Leader Who Is Taking The Diaspora Women Organization KNADS To Another Level.

Lucy Mckenzie is passionate about the Diaspora and how they can have a seat at all the decision tables on matters that affect all in the Diaspora.  She is the co-founder of K-NADS and an interim director of KNADS PLC. Diaspora women have been looking for a credible investment partner and with the formation of KNADS PLC, she believes that the vision will be achieved.  Together with her board members, comprised of women of great insight, Lucy has steered this Diaspora organization with a lot of passion to make sure that women succeed in all field just like men. The stereotype of believing that it’s only men who can own properties, is now a thing of the past as KNARDS is challenging many men organizations in the Diaspora.

The organization caters for those in the Diaspora and still those retiring back home in Kenya.

Through this organization, many women can now boast to own a property here and there and more so, their SACCO is helping all with other financial needs as borrowing has been made easy through the cooperatives bank.

Kenya North America Diaspora Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd (K-NADS) was registered in November 28th, 2016. The registration is in accordance with The Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 of the Co-operative Societies Act.

K-NADS was founded and registered by a group of Kenyan women residing in the United States after they saw the need for empowering Diaspora women financially through credible, investment, affordable savings and easy access to credit.

K-NADS membership currently is approaching 1500 members, women living in, or have returned to Kenya from the 23 countries of North America. K-NADS is proud to be the first Diaspora Women Sacco and the fastest growing Sacco in the Diaspora. K-NADS offices are conveniently located at 6th Parklands Avenue, Muthaiga court house number 14.

K-NADS’ investment Committee is charged with identifying investment products and advising the Board on their findings. The Board, together with the Investment Committee together make the decision to invest or not to invest.

When Great Men That Serve Diaspora Will One Day Be Paraded, Antony Kamnao Of KEMEN Will Be There

Antony Kamnao, from St Louis Missouri, is the Founder of KEMEN and Double Impact Youth Ministry and the CEO of 254 Biashara.

This charismatic and energetic man who is always full of smiles, has made great impact on the youth and young adults across America. He has worked with many organizations like Talanta Awards, MH Stars, Diaspora Messenger news outlet and other Kenyan Organizations within the USA and abroad.

As a gospel singer, Mr. Kamnao has also engaged himself in music to evangelize and spread the gospel of peace.  He has volunteered in many other short term and long term community projects, across America and in Midwest. His innovative leadership is unmatched and his creativity not only started Double Impact and KEMEN, but was also very instrumental at the conception of The Homeless Reform Project, HRP.

We may lack words to describe the great movement that was started by Antony Kamnao not long ago, as this organization, started by men of great insight have been able to stand out in the Diaspora and still showing a lot of potential.

These are men who clearly understand that change and effective progress, are only possible with determination and being focused.

KEMEN want their members to be the architects of a sustainable future and as Diaspora men that are looked upon as men of impact in all fields, they have demonstrated that they are capable not only changing the world but making it a better place to live in.

KEMEN aims at empowering men to believe in themselves then equip them with tools of knowledge through workshops and conferences to enable them attain the grandest height possible.

They believe that men empowerment is the core to sustainable development, wellness, stability, and progressive societies anywhere in the world and as such KEMEN are on track.

Women are now breaking the glass ceiling and as the number increases, men though not competing, should be on the forefront in welcoming them to a world they have already dominated.

The only way to do that, is to remain on top and empower more and more men, so that their role as head of households, cannot be shaken, or taken for granted.

They are urging all men in Diaspora to join them and work together to pursue a sustainable path that leads to economic growth of the communities that all reside in here in America and still, even extend the same, to our motherland.

While doing so, there are many challenges as they have to be the custodian of social justice, economic, health, education, wellness and even political stewardship.

We live in volatile times and hence we should always be on top to make great advances towards eradicating poverty, ignorance, corruption, moral decay and diseases as these are the ills of any society, and the same can only be achieved if we work together as a team.

We all the same must be aware that inequality persists but that can be narrowed to prevent it’s growth.

Real impact presents many challenges but as a united front, we are confident that we can meet them to yield change and the much needed progress.

Most of us grew up in a country that had many problems ranging from unable to get clean water, education to even starvation hence the need to make sure that those issues are addressed and if possible, show our leaders back home how it can be achieved.

We live in a developed nation where we see things done in a more perfect way and as Diaspora men that are looked upon, we owe a duty to our children, so that they may never go through some of the injustices we had to go through.  

When we formed KEMEN we were aware that change does not simply happen by itself for the same has to be pursued with vigor and by all in society.

Diaspora Valid Dreams: Alice Munyua Is A Jewel And A Knowledgeable Asset To The Diaspora Community.

Alice Munyua is a well educated Kenyan lady residing in North Carlorina USA. Unlike many Kenyans in USA who keep to themselves, Alice never shy away to share her continuous flow of ample Health Knowledge through many of her articles and already published books.

You can tell just by the messages she shares in the social media that she is completely the opposite of many that keep to themselves, their testimonies, whether good or bad, not knowing that sharing is the best thing that can at time change many people’s lives.

Just like many that came to America to pursue their dreams without a clear defined path, Alice Munyua was in that same category for her beginnings were not all that smooth. In her autobiography, she says that her initial type of work was somehow frustrating but as a determined and focused individual, and more so driven by boldness to hope, she persevered in order to fulfill her one TIME initial ambition in life of becoming a writer.

She focused on her studies and after attaining a good understanding of the human body and how it works, Alice founded Total Health Global. She came to learn that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and if more people are aware of this simple fact, then getting and staying healthy would be an easier feat.

Alice is a brilliant, broad minded and focused individual who shares her well thought ideas with others by informing them on the need to take care of one’s health through a natural diet and exercises program.

In order to live a positive life, Alice started teaching health and wellness after getting healthy herself. She achieved it by what she calls tweaking her diet and making small changes in her lifestyle. It miraculously worked for she shed off fifty pounds in just five and a half months and has managed to maintain the weight loss for six years to date. She somehow got inspired for it only took a little effort to do so and the change in transforming her body, not only had an impact on her life in general, but she too, got inspired to share her amazing healthy journey story with others.

She did it through writing and has of today written many books and journals touching on total global health to maintain a healthy body.

We cannot have befitting words to describe this amazing daughter of Africa and all are advised to purchase her books to READ and get a glimpse of what many are ignoring.

 It is in that confusion state many wrongly find themselves desperately seeking medication that are laboratory manufactured while the same are easily available at no cost but only through knowledge of how to have a good dietary control while understanding the function of the human body.

The lasting solution in disease control is not in conventional medicine but through natural remedy that helps you to sustain a continuous healthy body.

While thinking of the body, Alice goes even a step further to define human beings as spiritual beings that have a spirit a soul and a body.

Those are the three things but all in one which are the main faculties that control life in humans and make a whole total human being.

It is however more complex than put but maybe by reading her books, is when one can conceptualize as her story can shine more light into the intricate subject.

We in Kenyan parents in USA are delighted to have a member who is from time to time posting health articles that are aimed at helping Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Alice—– you are an inspiration to all.


When we feature ambitious Kenyans in our Diaspora valid dreams series, we think of them as achievers and great dreamers who are full of confidence, self esteem, and indescribable determination.

They are people that are determined to make sure that everything work out the way they want it to be, in order to get a fulfilling satisfaction.

Such people live in a world where their imagination have no limitation and they try each day to achieve what they have not attempted before.

When we say all this we have a Kenyan in mind that has done exactly that to qualify for a feature in our Diaspora valid dreams series, and that person is no other than Mr. Martin Mburu of South Carolina.

Martin Mburu  is a Kenyan trained teacher who emerged top of all teachers in South Corlorina and was voted the 2019 District teacher of the year in Clarendon School district 1 in South Carolina famous for its motto “One team one vision Every Student, Every day

 Martin Mburu attended the Kenya Technical Training College at Egerton University and finalizing at the prestigious Kenyatta University where he studied special education.

Just like all ambitious Kenyans that strive to pursue the American dream, he relocated to the USA ten years ago and through hard work and determination, he has emerged among the top performing teachers in the very coveted title of the Teacher of The YEAR which attracted 60,000 participants in the state of South Carolina.

Prof. Jerono Rotich Founder of Kenya Students in the Diaspora (KESID) Foundation Raised over $10,000.00 to Support International Students Impacted by COVID-19

Jerono Phylis Rotich is a professor of Kinesiology and department chair of Kinesiology and Recreation Administration at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, USA. She is CEO and Founder of WOYO (Women & Youth) Global Diversity Consulting and JVV Wellness and Safety LLC, CEO, and Founder of Kenya Students in Diaspora ( KESID) Foundation. She is the current President of the Kenya Scholars and Studies Association (KESSA). She serves on the Commission of Research & Publication of ICTSG established at the 2018 UNESCO Collective Consultation on TSG, National Executive Board member of Kenya Christian Fellowship and Board of Kenya Diaspora Alliance -USA, among many other organizations. She also served as a Commissioner on the Status of Women in Guilford County, NC, USA. Dr. Rotich is a Carnegie African Diaspora Fellow, and she serves on the editorial board of several professional journals that include; Quest, Kenya Studies Review, among others. She is a dedicated servant leader, educator, scholar, change agent, motivational speaker, women, youth, health, and peace champion who is committed to behavior modification, excellence, community engagement, and international collaboration.

Prof. Rotich’s work in the academe and community has not gone unnoticed. Her exemplary work has earned her many recognitions and awards that include the: 2016 recipient of the Greensboro Community Partnerships Chamber of Commerce Other Voices Change Agent Award; 2015 recipient of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors Excellence in Teacher award; 2015 recipient of the School of Education Senior faculty teaching excellence award; 2014 recipient of the University North Carolina A&T State University Faculty Community Engagement scholarship Award;2013 recipient of the National Phi Epsilon Kappa Honors Society, Distinguished Advisor Award; Gottabgaa International Community Empowerment Award, Dallas, Texas; North Carolina Kenyan Chapter; 2012 recipient, Health and Wellness Research and community Service Award; 2014 recipient of the School of Education Advising Award and was recently voted and recognized as one of the TOP 40 Kenyan women who inspire and motivate fellow Kenyans within the Kenyan America Diaspora and the 2019 Unspoken Diaspora Heroes among many others.

Jerono P. Rotich, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO- WOYO GCD Consult. –
Founder & CEO of KESID-  https://www.woyogdc.com/kesid
KESSA President- https://kessa.org/about-us/

UNC Board of Governors Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient 

Member, Commission of Research & Publication @  ICTSG. Established at the 2018  UNESCO  Collective Consultation on TSG.

Member, CATCH  Kenya Board of Advisors- https://catchinfo.org/kenya/

Research Fellow @ the Center for New North Carolinians, UNCG, NC
E-mail:  jrjerono@gmail.com

“I am self-sufficient in HIS sufficiency”

Diaspora Valid Dreams: Betty Achapa, Is A Rare Jewel In The USA Kenyan Community.

I happened to come across an article in one of the Diaspora whatsapp group which was such a good listening that made me recollect my past and felt that the lady was just like addressing me.

That message was told by a lady with an incredible story starting from Buru Buru High School to the land of plenty where she had a stint in the health sector, and then finally ending up as a talk show consultant in financial matters.

An American story of transition from Kenyan suburb, to finally finding happiness in America. The incredible immigrant reality story of fulfilling dreams and Betty Achapa story, is such and not even possible to many as it’s a story of determination and perseverance. It is the story of a young girl who never despaired after dropping out of school in form 3 because of teen pregnancy. Many after that would have called it quits but Betty after getting her gift of a son, never gave up but went back to school and rejoined form 2 Buruburu girls where she eventually excelled with a B+. She then got an opportunity to come to USA to study biochemistry but never even pursued that line and ended up as a registered nurse. However it may not have been her passion for she later dwelt on the financial world to finally even acquire a new name Miss B Finance 101.

That is just the beginning of the short introduction of this dynamic lady who has been transforming lives not in the line of health that she studied, but in the financial world.

Her message is conveyed like fun as she continue to advise her listeners on facebook on how one can start a path to riches just by taking seriously the little but most valuable information she gives while cracking jokes.

Making money can be easy if one get focused to the little things many people ignore.

The topic that interested me when I first listened to her tape was on the things we accumulate in our houses and we do not need the same in the first place. You can visit a store and you find yourself picking up items that you don’t even need and the same becomes part of the want not needed.

Betty in her video conference, clearly illustrated the difference between a want and need,… think of a need as being something required for survival. Needs are water for drinking, food to eat, clothing to keep you warm, and shelter to live in. On the other hand, a want is everything else. Wants are there to make life a little more enjoyable. A big house that you live in and has bedrooms you don’t need and paying a 30 year mortgage for a want that was not necessary. A big car that cost a lot of money since you had extra money. That extra money which facilitated the want can be used for future.

I will not elaborate further but you better listen to many of her videos on Youtube and after applying her principles, it will definitely save you some dollars for your future life. It did to me as I first started clearing a rented garage I would pay $200 a month and that alone saved me $2,400 monthly.

If I had listened to her tape early enough, I would have saved $24,000 which is the amount I incurred in 10 years keeping useless stuff in a costly garage that I never needed.

You can imagine how many people have the same unnecessary things and continue loosing money. It’s only when you listen to her videos in Youtube that you will realize how we loose money in our everyday life.


Betty Achapa is a Kenyan, born who was raised in Mfangano island and Kisumu.

She joined Kabarak University after sitting for her O-levels at Buruburu girls and eventually relocated to the US. 

Just like many Kenyans, she worked as a registered nurse in the US before being introduced to the finance world by George Onami who is a financial consultant based in Houston Texas.

It was however not an easy ride but after much effort and dedication, Betty finally got her certification.

 Diaspora Valid Dreams: Dr. Benson Karanja, From A Janitor To The President Of An American University

Atlanta is a college town that offers a unique student demographic and a choice of great schools to attend. One of those schools is a Beulah Heights University, one of the oldest Christian universities in the Southeast. Founded in 1918, the university is located just two miles from downtown in the historic Grant Park area. It will observe its centennial anniversary later this month.

Leading the institution since 2004 is its distinguished president, Dr. Benson M. Karanja, a native of Njoro, Kenya, in Nakuru District. His is an amazing story of a man from the humblest of beginnings, whose transformation elevated him to the presidency of a leading institution of higher education. Rolling out had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Karanja at Beulah Heights University as the school prepares to celebrate its founding 100 years ago in Atlanta.

Dr. Karanja, you made an incredible transition of circumstances that can only be called miraculous and inspirational. In Kenya, you were a successful farmer and businessman and very well respected in the community. Why did you want to leave your life in Kenya for America?

It all began when I attended a religious and economic convention in Atlanta in 1987. The convention’s purpose was to bring [together] all people of faith [from] all over the world. If the people would put their resources together and speak with one voice, it would represent the 10th wealthiest country in the world. So I came to that conference and stayed in Atlanta for about a week. When I was in my hotel room, I felt a voice tell me strongly to go to school — but not just any school. I was driven to attend a bible college. It was a crazy idea. After all, I was a successful businessman, and I could go to a bible college in Kenya, so why Atlanta? The whole idea was very strong,  and I looked at numerous brochures and picked Beulah Heights. My friends and family could not understand that God had a vision for me.

When you came to Atlanta, you got a job as a janitor at Beulah Heights University while you were a student there. What made you get up each day to clean floors, empty garbage, and study?

When I was flying over the Atlantic to America, I felt the need to go through a transformation. I felt that transformation involved a bridge to something bigger to where God was leading me. The only job I could get at that time was as a janitor. I took the job with pride and a feeling of peace within me. I enjoyed what I was doing because it was like I was in a boot camp [with] a lot of preparation and training for something much bigger.  At that time, I did not know what that bigger and more important place was. I never thought I would be president or any other higher position than what I had as a janitor.

Why did you choose Beulah Bible College at the time?

While at Beulah, I realized I was never going to be a preacher. I was not called to the pulpit. I am not a traditional pastor. But I was a pastor with a different responsibility. While working my way through Beulah Heights and finishing my coursework, I was asked to help in the college library.  At this time, I had my B.A. in Biblical studies and was preparing for my master’s [degree] when Beulah called me for assistance.

Beulah was going through a transformation that would ultimately lead to its status as a fully accredited university in Georgia, but it needed a trained librarian as part of the structure. Because of my background and work in the college library, I told the college president at the time that I would help the school. I entered the master’s of library science program at Clark-Atlanta University. I completed the rigorous two-and-a-half-year program in just a year-and-a-half. I then came on board as the librarian for Beulah Heights and helped the university succeed in eventually getting its accreditation. I then went on to also teach a course as a professor at the school and earn my Ed.D.

So, to get this straight, your path at Beulah was a janitor, student, librarian, professor and eventually the first African immigrant to become a college president at an American school.

Dr. Robert Chiuri Posesses The True Definition Of Diaspora Unity

Robert Chiuri is CEO and chair of Global Standards Resources & Institute (USA), a company involved in certifications, manufacturing quality audits, and management consulting having worked for many international firms in various senior leadership capacities.  Chiuri is a certified global standards lead auditor for various audit schemes including Quality Management Systems (QMS), International Organization of Standardization (ISO), Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI’s BRC, SQF and FSSC among others.

Chiuri completed a doctorate in Business Administration and Global Management at the School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in 2015. He has completed several research studies that are various stages of peer-review for publication in journals. These include an empirical study on the “correlation between food safety auditing and business competitiveness of small and medium enterprises” (2015). Chiuri holds an Executive Master’s Degree in International Business and another in Business Administration- Enterprise Development.

Chiuri has had quality and food safety experience in some of the leading food industry companies including Coca Cola, Hostess Wonder Bread, Ronnoco, Kellogg’s, Maplehurst and Mars Petcare. Chiuri has led and managed various departments including operations, supply chain, food safety and quality assurance reporting to the senior VPs of these companies. He was Corporate Food Safety Auditor for Kelloggs, overseeing and preparing food safety audits for six locations based at Zanesville Ohio. Chiuri is an alumni of the AIB Food Science & quality Auditing and attended many courses organized by AIB International. He is also an independent contract auditor.

Since becoming an auditor in 2005, Chiuri has performed over 600 audits, certified 400 companies in ISO, SQF, BRC, FSSC or other third party certifications as an independent contractor, lead auditor or assessor. He has worked with companies across the food industry in over 25 food sector categories. Chiuri’s current role is in food safety, business development, auditor competency, certification process review and consulting on performance capacity building.

Chiuri has also been involved extensively in community-based organizations as an organizer, counselor, trainer, speaker, facilitator and leading various initiatives and social enterprises. Chiuri leads several nonprofit organizations and is in the board of reputable institutions supporting community engagements, including Global Diaspora Development Foundation GDDF, PENDO, and Angaza Festival.

Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium & Foundation

Annual Convener-Leadership meeting on Monday December 21st, 2020

            Highlights of 2020 Achievements

  1. Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium formed in May 2020
  2. Formal Registration under Global Diaspora Development Foundation Non Profit
  3. Fiscal agent Pendo for East Africa Community Initiative 501c 3 Non Profit
  4. Strategic Plan, with Vision, Mission, Pillars and Deliverables
  5. Social Sector – Partnership with Trumpet of hope on our Diaspora Heroes Program

                        -Organizing “Mitigating Domestic Violence Conference”

                         – Organizing the “Male Feminism perspective” Panel discussion

       6.   Education Sector – Partnership with KESID to support our students

  • Partnership with KESSA on 4th Thursday series
  • Economic Sector – Seeking to participate in the Kenya US Free Trade Agreement Talks

                                -World Bank Kenya Economic Update due Covid 19 Pandemic

                                – One Voice “Economic empowerment” Presentation on KDRTV

  • Governance Sector – Recognized by Embassy of Kenya DC as a member- organization One Voice for Diaspora Community with all professional, civic and welfare entities
  • Health Sector – Health Insurance through AFLAC organization (upcoming)
  • Africa Welfare Association support programs
  • Legal Sector- Presentations by Attorney Opande on various forums
  • KUS-Bar becomes a member of One Voice Consortium
  • Technology Sector –  The GDDF one Voice Website in Development and updating                      
  • Partnership with KDRTV Media and Communication Bi-weekly
  • Partnership with Trumpet of hope every Wednesday
  • Cultural Sector- Angaza Kenya Cultural presentation in July and Speech by Prof. Jerono

    – Dr Koissaba presentation on KDRTV on cultural heritage and identity

13. Collaborations – Prof PLO Lumumba Foundation

       African Diaspora Development Institute

      Kenyans-in-the Park UK and Others “Development and Unity”

     14. Organizations on the Pipeline to be vetted- over 20 in three continents- Europe, Asia, Africa and North America

    15. Over 40 organizations as member-organizations and with 100K as individual members in those organizations. (For more information visit us on www.globalddfoundation.com and or visit our facebook…One Voice Consortium)

Highlights of 2021 Strategic Plans

  1. Continue with our Deliverables started in 2021

Formal communication, email addresses and completion of the Organizations By laws.

  • Collaboration with PLO Lumumba foundation- Organizing US tour

      Social and Governance sectors

  • Collaboration with ADDI- Amb Dr. Chihombo
  • Education, Banking and Trade sectors
  • Diaspora One Voice Conference and Heroes Awards Gala

        2020 survey completed

      5. Seeking to engage with other organizations on improving the lifestyles, livelihoods and welfare of the Diaspora Community.

Amazing And Most Humble Dr. Penny Njoroge Will Assist You With All Your Counseling Needs Big Or Small.

Out of the many people we have in the Diaspora that give counseling services, there is one that stands out most, for she has helped many people worldwide through her programs and more still, has a direct positive effect on those around her. A person that can keep an audience focused on any topic that improves people’s lifestyles.

That person is no other than Dr. Penny Njoroge who symbolizes,  good, honesty, and wisdom and is always willing to share her knowledge with those in dire need in order to benefit and start leading a healthy fulfilling meaningful life.

Through her guidance, many have acquired the values for themselves and more still the burning desire to benefit others that are in dire need of counseling services. The same is easily provided through telephone and proper advice to cope with any given situation offered to the satisfaction of those in need.

Dr. Penny sensitize people needing therapy and counseling to deal with the ever increasing cases of depression, stress, domestic violence, and suicides.

Dr Penny is an award winning therapist and keynote speaker who is a fully trained Tele-health provider. She is a Life Coach able to help and can serve people from any State, may it be in Kenya or any other part of the world. She does it via telephone in the comfort of your homes at your convenience.

She is the most culturally relevant counselor to understand all the circumstances better.

The most notable thing when it comes to counseling is that Dr Penny does it out of passion as she regroup her life to continue being helpful and productive after her retirement.

She definitely don’t desire to take her wisdom to the grave but rather to leave a legacy of impacting lives.

In case there is a problem that is making you have sleepless nights, do not hesitate before it escalate, but simply call this friendly and amazing lady. Dr Penny will guide you on how to overcome your worries big or small at affordable fee that can be paid by Cashapp, or any other method you agree upon.


Rev. Dr. Penny Ruth W. Njoroge has been a Counseling Psychologist\psychotherapist\group therapist (in mental health) for over 26 years.

She is a Board Certified Therapist in Substance Abuse and Addictions; Death and Grief; Marriage and Family, as well as Crisis Intervention with many years of mentoring and empowering abused women and children, and Youth Mentoring (received Birmingham Mayor’s Hidden Heroes for mentoring).

She is a Fellow of American Institute of Stress and a Diplomat with American Experts in Traumatic Stress\National Center for Crisis Management.  She has also received Birmingham Caregiver of the Year award, Alabama Hospital Hero’s award and Kenya’s Presidential Award for Community Service both here in the USA and in Kenya before she came to the USA.

Rev. Penny Njoroge is a motivational speaker and seminar workshop facilitator with a passionate message for people of all ages not to quit on their dreams because it is never too late to rise above our life challenges.

She strives to Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Engage and Change lives, especially women, so they can rise up and play their part in life.  She is internationally travelled and experienced.

She own practice that she runs called Angel Counseling Services. She helps victims of domestic violence as well as people with mental illness.

She sees it as her mission in life to help remove the stigma from domestic violence and mental illness in society. She counsels people as well as writes, publishes and openly lectures on the topic as well as has her own radio show program.

The service area of her practice Angel Counseling Services and public speaking engagement are international and one can be counseled from any corner of the earth . She was born in Kenya and was the first girl in her family to go to school at the age of 11.

She was determined to overcome all odds and attained her PhD while running her own practice and at the age of 62. Despite domestic violence, divorce, poverty and the responsibility of raising a family she was able to complete her education all the way to the level of PhD.

She is a published author as well as speaker at different lectures and conferences worldwide. She was motivated to pursue this career because of her own personal experience and overcoming a domestic violence situation both growing up and in her marriage as well.

Her difficult life circumstances led her to her own depression which she came out of and wants to help others rise above similar circumstances. In the next 3-5 years her goal is to continue with her own practice and build it up to a higher level and help more people. She would also like to continue with her speaking engagements and her publishing work.

She currently works at the mental health unit of a mental health hospital of Alabama but wants to move more into running her own practice. She attributes her success to her strong mother figure that grew up in poverty but always taught her children to strive for better. She felt that her mother gave her encouragement and inspiration despite poverty stricken circumstances where women were not allowed to go to school.

Her mother taught her to never give up and that is the legacy she carries with her. To this day Dr. Penny Ruth Njoroge considers her greatest achievement to be the first girl and woman in her family to go to school and pursue higher education. She would like to benefit from the networking, exposure, and contacts that WAR offers


You can get in touch with Dr. Penny Njoroge on telephone 205-478-1464 or email pennyruth251@gmail.com

Mr Nelson Mwangi: A Diaspora Inspiration Writer With A Difference

Nelson Mwangi

My life in a nutshell

My roots are firmly embedded in Kenya, my beloved motherland indeed. This is a splendid country along the equator, south of the Sahara and north of the Limpopo. Even though I was born in Enkare Nyrobi (a place of cold water) which goes by the name Nairobi, I grew up in the plateaus of Mt Kenya and experienced all the congenial beauty that came with the life of a village boy those old good days.
Since my parents were extremely conservative Christians, they decided to keenly adhere to the proverbial wisdom of king Solomon inked in Proverbs 22:6, ‘Start your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not depart from it.’ Out of my parent’s total regard to this scripture, I was brought up in an ascetic Christian faith from my childhood. The intense exposure to the word of God, its relevance and significance in my life from my formative years aided me not only to commiting my life to Christ as a junior in high school but also in finding my purpose later on in life.
In pursuit of what I then perceived to be my trajectory towards a successful future, I enrolled in a hospitality institute soon after graduating high school. Upon completion, I secured a job in Eden Roc Hotel in Malindi which is a coastal town in my motherland. The fact that I had a career and a job didn’t serve my deficiency of my purpose in life and rob me my happiness thereof. 
Although I had developed an extremely great passion in service to humanity during my teenage years through volunteering in different non- governmental organizations whose cause was service to humanity, like the biblical Moses who gave numerous mere excuses to why he wasn’t adept in leading the Israelites from captivity, my calling to a noble cause of service to humanity as my purpose in life wasn’t something I was willing to adhere to. My resistance to my purpose subjected me to act like Jonah who upon being called to go to Nineveh became defiant and began a voyage aboard a ship that was sailing to Tarshish.
In my own superficial perception, my relocation to the land of the free because of the brave was a matter of pursuit for the so called greener pastures little did I know that God was still pursuing me to adhere to my purpose in life. After my defiance that saw me waste not only my resources but also my youthful years, I finally believed the truth of the scriptures in Romans 8:28, ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ That’s when I became subservient to God’s purpose in my life and subsequently founded Y.E.S. FOUNDATION to help me in the fulfillment of my purpose of service to humanity. 
Through this non-profit organization, we have continued to transform young lives in Kenya through our numerous programs and my dire need to establish a youth empowerment center in my motherland is taking shape. To an extent, my purpose entails motivational speeches through an online radio where I host a radio show namely; Moral Compass. I am also an author of self-help books which are informative, motivational and inspirational. I am not ignorant that my academic pursuit in psychology have played a major role in my purpose, all the same, my insatiable desire to transform one life at a time from an inferior mindset that continues to foster mediocrity and indigence in the society is what makes the whole difference in my life. My holistic experience in my purpose driven life has taught me that; You can only enjoy life to the optimal not through accumulation of material possessions and opulence but only by finding your purpose in life and subsequently living a purpose driven life.  

Today more than ever before, I can boldly attest to the truth behind the words of Mahatma Gandhi; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Indeed, service to humanity is a fulfilling purpose that can help you realize that you are not defined by your existence but by the efforts that forster your intrinsic ability of empathy and sympathy rendering you to a philanthropic cause which altogether reflect egalitarian as the most essential and virtuous part in humanity. That’s my life in a nutshell.

The Most Inspiring Bob Mwiti: Pioneer Of Modern Day Airlift For Kenyans To Taste The American Dream.

Tom Mboya and John F Kennedy, the pioneers of the famous 60’s airlift left this world long time ago and if at all they can see our activities here on earth, they would admire what Bob Mwiti is doing for Kenyans.

Who Is Bob Mwiti?

Mr. Bob Mwiti is the programs director of Appstec America – A consulting company based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

He has learned and achieved a lot in his career as an IT Consultant.

His life has truly changed, and for that reason he has made it his mission to give back and serve others beyond himself.

He will help you to relocate to USA as an international student, train you as an IT consultant, help you start and build your own business, creating your financial freedom, motivating you to pursue your goals and dreams, to being more productive, to inspiring you to constantly improve yourself.

His mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of through his various self-development training programs.


My name is Bob Mwiti and I am the founder and the managing director of  APPSTEC AMERICA LLC – A consulting company  based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

I grew up in a very humble family back in the village on the slopes of Mount Kenya at a place called Meru. I was born of teenage mother and father, and I never had a chance of living with any one of them during my early childhood. I was raised by my lovely grandparents, who all along, I thought were my biological parents. I never met my father face to face until I was 22 years old!

For my early childhood education, I went to a local village public primary school known as Gikumene Primary School, where I sat for my Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE)  in 1997, coming out top of my class with mean-grade of A (Plain). I was admitted to Nairobi School – A national school located in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya, but because of lack of school fees I ended up at Nkubu High School – A  provincial school not far from where I grew up in the village.

I completed my high school education in 2001 and scored a mean-grade of B+(Plus) in the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE). I joined the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of science degree but later relocated to Strathmore University in Nairobi, to study a Bachelor of commerce degree in Accounting & Finance. I graduated  from Strathmore in 2008 with a 2nd class upper division.

I relocated to the United States in 2009 as a master’s student and attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I graduated with a Master of Business Administration In Professional Accountancy in 2011 with a 3.73 out of 4.0 GPA.

After graduating it was very hard for me to get a Job as it is normally the case with most international students and immigrants who relocate to USA. I worked minimum wage Jobs, slept on the floor because I could not afford a bed, drove uninsured car, lived off dollar menus at MacDonald’s before I finally figured out how to get into the IT industry as a consultant.

About 2 months after graduation, through a connection from a friend from my MBA class , I got an offer to train as an Oracle financials consultant. It is this training that really opened my doors and changed my life. I have never looked back since then. 

After training, I worked for various clients as an Oracle Financials consultant providing solutions to their oracle financials projects such as  Implementation, Up-gradation, integrations and production support.

Around 2013, while still working as a consultant, that is when I slowly started to train people on Oracle financials system as a side gig. With time, I figured that I could actually make it a thriving business and that is when I finally registered my company Appstec America in early 2017 after I acquired my permanent immigration papers commonly known as greencard.

At Appstec America, I train people on how to implement and configure ERP systems from the front end without necessarily having to do any coding work. There is a lot of demand for people with those kind of skills in the US and most immigrants  do not know about it. I started this company to primarily  help my own immigrant communities acquire these IT skills and get good Jobs as well as immigration papers. A lot of immigrants struggle here in USA to get good jobs and immigration documents because of lack of information about available opportunities. 

In order to meet the various needs of immigrant communities, I later introduced the International scholars Academy, An online platform dedicated to helping those immigrants interested in coming to study in the United States.  As someone who came to the US as a student, I faced a lot of challenges to be where I am today in terms of getting a good job and immigration documents. In this academy, I walk prospective international scholars through my proven path of success as a former International student.

On this website, I openly and passionately share all of the very best concepts, strategies, tools, and resources that I continue to discover that have made a measurable difference to my life, and will do for you as well.

I’ve been blessed to have learned and achieved a lot in my career as a consultant. My life has truly changed, and I’ve made it my mission to give back and serve others beyond myself. Whether that be helping you to relocate to USA as an international student, train as an IT consultant, start and build your own online business, creating financial freedom, motivating you to pursue your goals and dreams, to being more productive, to inspiring you to constantly improve yourself . My mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of through my various self-development training programs.

Bob Mwiti

Founder & Managing Director

Appstec America LLC

(dba) Success With Bob Mwiti.Com

Diaspora Valid Dreams-Genevieve Oduor: This Diaspora Excelling In The Land Of Plenty, Is A True Daughter Of Africa.

Genevieve Oduor is a Kenyan lady who is not a mere banker, but a Vice President Business Development Office and Community Banking Manager at S&T bank located in the Shadyside busy industrial City of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania.

Current statistics indicate that 8 out of every 10 Kenyan women in America, are in Medical field either as nurses or certified nurses.

It is therefore very rare in America to find Kenyan women in the financial world due to competition and tough requirements,  THEREFORE when one of our own succeed in a rare field, it is progress in the right direction that deserve recognition.

She was recently honored with the champion for women award at the 6th annual PA Bankers Association Women in Banking conference.

While Kenyans are yearning to open a legitimate Diaspora Sacco in America, maybe they don’t have to search far for advice for we have our very own who can guide them on the way to go about it.

Genevieve is an inspiration to many considering that she has succeeded in a prestigious field that requires honesty, articulacy and accuracy due to the sensitive nature of handling client’s finances.

We at Global Diaspora Congress, hereby wish to congratulate this true Daughter of Africa.

Talk Of Real Philanthropists And ROSE Oginga And Her Group IHOPEE have A Huge Potential To Make Positive Impact In Our Communities.

IHOPEE is an International NGO that conducts medical missions offering humanitarian, and psychosocial support with the aim of improving maternal child health ( MCH) in Kenya. We also engage in mentoring and psycho-educating youth to be aware of their vulnerability to risky behaviors, with the aim of encouraging them to become the future leaders and ambassadors.

IHOPEE organizes and sends a mission team to Kenya each year that team up with Kenyan counterparts to create both physical, mental health awareness and educational empowerment.

IHOPEE desires to offer Safe Homes for abused girls and women especially Domestic violence victims and their children, give psychosocial support, vocational training and integration to their communities.


IHOPEE offers scholarships at different levels of study, national and international volunteer programs that nurture ambassadors in their areas of expertise.

The International Health Operations Patient Education and Empowerment (IHOPEE) is a USA based organization with a small network of volunteers in Kenya who coordinate its activities on the ground.

One of IHOPEE’s core mission is to help in combating health disparities in Kenya’s underserved communities as well as increasing health awareness, with a future plan of building clinics in rural villages.

In line with this, IHOPEE organized and carried out Medical Camps in three locations of Kenya as follows: • Chianda in Rarieda of Siaya County – 09 November, 2018 • Maraba in Agoro Nyakach of Kisumu County – 09 November, 2018 • Mount Zion Church, Kayole in Nairobi on 14 & 15 November 2018 The Medical Camps targeted at least 1000 clients for Chianda, Rarieda, 1000 for Agoro, Nyakach and 2000 for Kayole, Nairobi.

However, were able to provide services to approximately 700 clients in Maraba, 490 in Chianda and 2000 in Mount Zion Church, Kayole.

This encompassed a wide spectrum of age groups 0-83yrs and both genders of which <5s and women were the majority.

Referrals were made to the nearest health facility or private practitioners especially in Kayole, we however noted that most of the patients were not in a financial position to afford the associated fees including the much advertised NHIF insurance.

The services provided included health screening: blood (pressure, glucose, typhoid, malaria and HIV) cancer (breast and cervical), treatment of minor ailments and counselling both secular and pastoral for Mount Zion Church in particular.

To help realize this venture, IHOPEE collaborated with local medical personnel (doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, students, counselors), volunteers from various walks of life and two pharmaceutical companies, Nila and Dawa in Nairobi who donated some drugs courtesy of Nancy Kamau.

A special group of volunteers which stood out was Kayole MtaSafi group that provides rehabilitation for youth around Kayole led by Fr Emmanuel. On IHOPPE side there were two nurses, Rose Oginga (CEO Ihopee) from Florida, and Margaret Rayola from California, a nurse practitioner Dr. Pauline Kibisu from Texas and one doctor Dr. Otieno Aduma from Delaware who were able to participate but at a limited level.

Specialist services were not provided at all even though it was planned as this cadre of personnel were not involved or not available.

The Opticians group got last minute engagement so was unable to attend. Success and Challenges IHOPEE was able to achieve their main goal of reaching some of the underserved community in all the three locations mainly because of the willingness and availability of qualified personnel on the ground particularly the involvement of Dr Rosemary Obara in Agoro and Dr Otedo Rarieda. However, despite the physical absence of the doctor in charge of coordination in Kayole, Bishops Silas Kanali and Mike Opiyo and Racheal Otieno (Logistics) were able to start.

Benson Kasue The Founder Of East African Chamber Of Commerce, Is A Focused Man With Amazing Initiatives.

Benson Kasue Benson was appointed to lead the Texas State African Union Region Six Diaspora initiative by African Union ambassador to the United Sates, H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao in February 2019.

Benson is an entrepreneur, owner of Big D Finance, founder of East Africa Chamber of Commerce, and organization dedicated to facilitating trade and investment between East Africa and the rest of the world (with a special focus on USA).

 Benson is also the founder of Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council of Texas, an organization that looks after the needs of Kenyans in Texas. Benson worked in corporate America for twenty years before starting his own financial consulting company. He had progressive careers at FMC Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, IBM, and United Technologies.

 He has held almost every accounting and financial position in corporate America. In doing so, he gained tremendous experience in running successful organizations and improving human productivity. He developed strong skills in financial management, cost accounting, planning and reporting, driving cost out of manufacturing, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, taxation, auditing, strong communications skills, team building, project management, and business operations.

A graduate of Brigham Young University –Marriott School of Management with a BS in accounting and University of Utah David Eccles Business School with an MBA in Finance. Benson has led resource-mobilizing efforts to save lives in East Africa.

After mobilizing food and medical supplies in the USA, he flew to Kenya where he supervised the distribution and delivery of food to the needy. In efforts to give back to the community, Benson started Kasue Girls Academy in Chulu Hills to address deficiency of girl’s education in the area. Current enrollment of the student body is now almost 500.

The school has Benson also supervised construction of water reservoirs in Kenya.

Most Rev Archbishop Dr. Stephen Njenga Is A Servant Of God And A Dynamic Community Leader.

Confident, charismatic, collaborative, uplifting, encouraging, approachable, attentive, inspiring, trustworthy, focused, inclusive, honest, communicative and many others are a few words to describe Archbishop Dr.Stephen Njenga of Seattle Washington, the founder of NORTHWEST INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SEMINARY, INTEGRITY INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE, SEATTLE WASHINGTON
He is also an Experienced Manager Director of ONE WORD DIGITAL MEDIA, ONE WORD INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES.  

Archbishop Dr Stephen Njenga has a good track record in the civic & social organization industry. Skilled in K-12 Education, Literacy, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, and Educational Technology.   

His usefulness does not end there as he is also the Governor of Diaspora National Assembly devolved Western States Government that covers 11 US States and within a short time, he has transformed the Assembly into a think-tank organization that can easily challenge the early Socrates AND Plato academy schools of thought.

Most Rev Archbishop Dr Stephen Njenga

is the governor  of Washington Province,

He holds Bachelors degree in  theology

Masters degree in Divinity

Doctor in Theology

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of ministry

He is the managing Director of Home Aide Training center that trains health  professionals

He is the Founder & the president of North West International Christian Seminary ( NICS)

He is the founder and the President of African Supermarket in Seattle Washington

He the founder and President of one word digital media;





a) Realizing your potential God’s way

b) Marriage made in heaven..

c) Nurturing the next generation  for God

d) Your positive attitude is everything








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