Our 3rd Annual College, Career and PE$A Workshop is coming to a place near you if you live in the Greater Atlanta Area…PE$A stands for where to access scholarships to pursue College, Career or Continuing education for adults in Diaspora…

What do we do? 

We aim to Inform. Inspire. Educate & Empower our Diaspora Community in The Things that Matter most in life – Family, Faith, Values & Community participation. Community is the place where one expresses their love and care for others.

Every activity we undertake is based on a sound theological foundation, which embraces mainline denominations. But it is not a Church or fellowship. It is purely put together for Family Enrichment Education. It is held on Saturdays so that on Sunday families can attend the Church of their choice. Our type of wducation is coupled with a sound educational background and experience. Every one of our presenters is a born again Christian and competent in their field. In addition we are driven by love for the community of faith and at at large. We give back to the community what we have received. We have not arrived here on our own. Every family has had a part in our upbringing, I mean, it really takes a village to raise up a child. When that child is an adult, they become productive individuals in the village and beyond.

We desire to see Diaspora excel. We see the family in the Diaspora community as a system of interacting individuals. What happens to one person affects the community negatively or positively. We wish to highlight the positive and keep working on it for Excellency. We want to stop dream stealers and killers by becoming better individuals. We are living in the First world called USA…the richest nation in the world…we can not only become excellent, we can actually build a bridge of greatness between USA and Africa. Diaspora let us educate ourselves and together we will rise even higher. To the honor and glory of God. Trust me we also make our families proud.

We believe we are destined for greatness to impact our world for such a time like this. We are touching one person at a time. God has brought us this far to lift us up.

Our Forum will include young people too. We want to tell our College & Career young adults that they will be successful. That they can climb on our shoulders ans see far and go even farther than we have. We also highlight achievements of adults and encourage continuing education. Research shows that adults who continue to learn enjoy life and live longer. That slogan is right, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” In the continuing education, we talk about branding* that Mama who is Baby Sitting…because we want to add value to our community. We want to bring honor and respect to everything Diaspora does…that will be,in the 2nd workshop sometimes this year. Watch out…Support us.

Our 2nd Session will have short 10 Minutes presentations on issues of Mental Health that affect us. That will be followed by an interactive time of unedited Questions and Answers, which will be answered by a panel of family members – Pastor, Parents, Professor, Student & MH Providers. Young people in the lanel – Connie-26 year old lawyer and a teenager. The panel will have a Pastor, Licenced Professional Counselor and a Registered Nurse. It is in a close & intimate setting. You will not be disappointed. 

The Forum is sponsored by lst Choice Tutors, LLc, with Mr. Eddie Kihara A young Entreprenuer, & Family Enrichment Education Forums. USA, which is a Ministry of Triumph Christian Ministries, Incorporated. Both are based in GA.Karibuni.


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  1. Kijana Eddie Kihara coaches in science and maths. His offices are in Roswell GA. If you ever dremt taking your child to Ivy schools, this is the guy you need to pay for excellent SAT and ACT scores.


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