63 BILLIONS DAMS SCANDAL: Njonjo and Nyachae in the mix.


Mr George Kinoti is not after all chasing small miraa dealers but big thieves that has cost Kenyans a whopping 63 billion Kenya shillings.

The fraudulent construction of both Arror and Kimwarer dams amounting to 38.5 billion and 28 billion respectively is the biggest scandal that can make Goldberg scandal masters to appear just like petty market thieves.

Huge sums of money were paid for non-existent work and the main contractors just vanished into thin air back to their safe havens in Italy.

It may be another molasses plant saga when the late Robert Ouko fought big people involved in corruption and only to finally tragically die with no one held responsible for the gruesome murder.

Mr. Kinoti may not be living in those years and if at all he is serious to unravel the misery, then someone here must be held responsible for theft.

He has instructed all to report to DCI headquarters tomorrow but it remain to be seen if arrests will be made to prosecute them.

All the same, Kenyans are tired of the theatrical acts and should now wake up to salvage their country and the only way out is not through violence or demonstrations but to make sure that they vote out all corrupt people come 2022.

It is now clear that Uhuru has lost the fight against corruption for no one has been convicted and more so the 5 big Agenda will only be white elephants for they will not be completed in the few remaining years.

It is for his own good to halt those agendas and work on putting an effective judicially that will swiftly convict all wrong doers if high handedness and impunity will cease to interfere on their path of duty.

If he can do that then he will leave a legacy to be envied by all.

If the corrupt deals are not stamped out once and for all, then 2022 will just be another musical chairs recycling same leaders to continue destroying Kenya for another ten years.

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