A Country Politicking About Resources Allocation And In 2022 Campaign Mood, Cannot Fight Covid 19.


The Government of Kenya should completely halt all political activities and direct the current resource allocation debate going on at the senate, to be finalized in a hurry, to allow all, to fully focus on how to stop the pandemic, before it entirely gets out of control.

The funds allocated to fight the Covid-19, should be accounted for and where there are scandals, the culprits should be immediately arrested and tried. Those also using the allocation funds to advance their political interests, and those still early campaigning for 2022, should face the full force of the law, without considering their political position, or affiliations.

All forms of meetings that are currently being organized at the DP residence, should cease immediately as the same, are attracting crowds that could be in danger of spreading the virus to themselves, and even to the family of the Deputy President.

The President should also put a stop to attending any form of gathering including the night surprises, and those road side meetings, as they also pose great danger to his health and others.

Lack of transparency in disseminating funds meant to fight the pandemic, is the key issue as it will result to people not getting proper screening due to lack of adequate equipment, lack of drugs, or as a result of cheap faulty equipments supplied that may not be accurate enough and thus, making the virus to continue spreading.

The Government should appoint a special team to study patterns of interactions and how the disease is spread, and if they find the areas that the same is prevalent, to immediately put a lockdown that will be followed strictly.  

Most Kenyans use public transport and that could be the area where a lot of emphasis should be applied by ensuring proper sanitation is maintained and special masks with shields are introduced.

The Government should consider the current relaxation on social gatherings, and funerals, as the same are still not following strict guidelines and continue allowing more people than it’s required.

Places of worship that are limited to a maximum of 100 people inside, should also be changed, and have them congregate in an open field while keeping safe distance. The same length of such congregations, should strictly still remain not more than one hour. Children below 15 and those above 50 (instead of 58) should not attend such functions as that is the most vulnerable category.

For a successful fight against the pandemic, all must agree on sharing responsibilities and not leave it to only the Ministry of health alone.  There should be more groups than is the case now, coming up with mass education through television or print media to raise awareness to all as there are many who still don’t believe that the COVID-19 virus exist.

The high increase in the pandemic, is due to the laxity in behaviors and a total concentration to areas likely to spread the pandemic, should be the main focus once and for all.

The Government may have to reconsider total lockdown on some essential services which can always wait or have alternatives.

Just like the way the government is enhancing the control of the virus in the rural areas, they should also impose strict directives to ensure that the pandemic does not find its way to the City congested slum areas, where the impact could also be disastrous.

All should be taught ways on how to control any form of flu related symptoms by using the off the shelf known medicines that are readily available in shops. That way, even if someone has mild symptoms of the virus, he or she, is not likely to spread it through sneezing, or coughing.

They should also inform all countrywide, regarding the new guidelines on nutrition that are  recommend to boost natural immunity and the same, can be found in fruits, and vegetables, that are known to boost antioxidant levels in the body.

Others that can help include hot tea, lots of water, chicken soup, and herbs like sage, ginger roots oregano and cinnamon for mild symptoms like cough, sore throat, fever and headache.

Kenya is in a crisis that requires maximum attention for even after containing the pandemic, it may not go entirely and the strict measures, should continue until an effective vaccine, or medicine, is finally discovered to at least control the virus just like we manage other forms of flu.

To do this, Kenyans must be ready brace hard times as the economy by then, will be at the lowest and therefore, a lot of hard work will be required to boost the economy to continue developing our country Kenya.

This will only be achieved, if we don’t waste all our energy focusing on 2022 election, but rather, focus all of it to build the economy once the most talked about allocation formula is agreed upon to benefit all counties without any bias, regional favoritism, or political interference whatsoever.

Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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