A Day To Reflect Who We are As Kenyans In The Diaspora


Moi day celebration are here with us. Memories are made of the good and the bad days. History reignites the best moments in life. Hundreds of thousands of kenyans had to leave our dear country for what we call greener pastures.

There have been brains drainage in the past as of now and if we were to interrogate history, Iam sure most of our people would be better off at home making Kenya great.

As we appreciate the gains made since the Mwakenya through the repealing of section 2-a of the constitution do fellow Kenyans in the Diaspora take a moment to reflect on how useful the experiences and knowledge gained can be used back home?

How many times do we forget that the real present day heroes are within our midst? The many great brains that can be made good use of back in Kenya.

As we celebrate Moi day, I would start by honoring that young girl Ivy Wamuyu who is striving to keep a girl in school. How many times do we reflect to say the real recipients of the Presidential honors are the mothers, sisters and daughters who are sacrificing their hard earned dollar Such as:

Domiscilla Wagner, Susan Kiongo, Terry Simon, Eunice Mburu, Grace Gathaiya, Lillian Kamau, Nancy Njoroge, Mary Kamuria, Hannah Muhia, Joy Wangondu, and yet others still to come to see the project through.

Kenyans everywhere would support me and agree that if we were to sign a petition for the recipient of the ELDERS OF THE BURNING SPEAR  which should land on the President’s desk, it would be no other than one Isaac Kinungi the famed President of the Kenyan parents in the diaspora for his relentless efforts to see mankind thrive in all conditions.

We won’t stop there for we will still petition for other Kenyans that deserve the honor among them, Professor Jerono, Constance Mugalla, Dan Magubi, Rev Isaac Kariuki Diaspora Messenger, Rev Wambui Njoroge, Christine Muchene, Jeff Kaluyu, Sonnie Njau Men of Impact Change, Kuira Wa Kabiru for maintaining Culture in Diaspora, Joseph Okello KCFA, Jeremy Damaris, Kikuyu Diaspora, Dr. Agwenyi, Mr Kimani Chaiman of North West group in Seattle Washington, Rev Josphat Weru of GCPC Church, Dr. Appolo Njoroge Researcher, and lastly and not Least David Ogega President of the budding Diaspora Credit Union.

If the government does not see the efforts that these Kenyans are doing, all should come out in large numbers and join C.O.D.U. which has proved in a short time what unity of purpose means.

It is this Unity that we can use to make the Government to see the need to recognize such men and women among many others for Diaspora has been neglected for too long and honoring them would create a good working relationship.

Further CODU would be a direct link that the Government can reach out to the entire Diaspora and engage them with development activities that can tap direct our remittances in order to impact the economy of Kenya.

As I wish all Kenyans who have others at heart, I believe the best gift we can give to selflessness Kinungi and team is to join C.O.D.U.

Kuira Wa Kabiru


Kenyan Parents In USA.

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