A Diaspora For Diaspora: Topline Land Limited Is Owned by A Diaspora To Guide Those Investing In Kenya.



File Picture Richard Warui-Director
On going Rose Garden Estate
Helping communities is part of our mission..

Topline Land Limited is a real estate investment company that has offices in Kalalu, Nanyuki, Kenya and in Memphis Tennessee.  Our company has become a trusted alternative to the many who have suffered at the hands of companies who only delivered lip services and left our brothers and sisters in tears.   The company is dedicated to restoring confidence to Kenyans at home or in the diaspora by ensuring a smooth transfer of title deeds.  We have left a trail of happy and satisfied customers in Kenya, Europe, and the United States.

We are dedicated to upholding the values that have passed the test of time. Truthfulness, Honesty, and Integrity. Our Director is a diaspora who understands firsthand the challenges that many in the Diaspora go through. Whether you are an organized group looking for a land deal or a speculative buyer looking for a plot that will gain value with time or looking for a gated community to which you can build the property of your dream, Topline Land Limited will stand with you and guide you through the process.

In the areas where we do business, we are giving back to the community. Whether it is creating community water points, helping people access electricity, helping a needy child with tuition, or helping the elderly, we are making a difference.

Please send your friends our way, and you will never be disappointed. We at Topline are making promises and keeping them, and we are available to answer any question. Join us to make dreams come true. Visit our website at www.topline.co.ke.

For immediate assistance call Richard Warui on 9014555444


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