A Kenyan In UK, Dr. MK Langat, Was Featured In A Video With King Charles III For Agitation On Climate Change Mitigation And The Launch Of His Campaign To Save Planet Earth.



File Picture MK Langat FHEA PhD EBS

Many may mistake Dr. MK Langat as just a great WhatsApp debater especially in politics- but in real life, this Kenyan is an authority in environmental conservation, climate change, and the need to save our planet to make it habitable.

MK Langat currently works at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He is a Research Leader for Natural Product Chemistry at the Biological Chemistry and In Vitro Studies Research group. He leads the Natural Products Research at Kew and is the Avance Bruker NMR 400 MHz keeper. His research work is domiciled at the Jodrell Laboratory of Kew Science.

His research focuses on identifying biochemicals from plants and fungi, establishing their structures, and developing them into commercially valuable products for pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, and other applications. The work is funded by Innovate UK and previously funded by Kew, AMS GCRF, and RSC. Amongst others,

He is currently working (i) to develop plant-based formulations and environmentally benign extraction procedures for pyrethrum and reinvigorate the pyrethrum sector in Kenya, (ii) optimizing practical uses for by-products from Croton megalocarpus seed oil extraction in East Africa, and (iii) understanding the chemicals of the Croton and Vepris genera, and their uses. 

He is involved in global research focusing on plant and fungal metabolites while exploring their potential uses to address the global challenges of biodiversity loss and sustainable food production and enhance human health and well-being.

They study the ecological, nutritional, and medicinal properties and applications of naturally occurring plant and fungal chemicals and their role in mediating biological interactions.

The research generates data to inform conservation and to develop nature-based medicines, improved diets, and environmentally benign pest management technologies.

Dr. MK Langat has much experience in plant and fungal chemistry, including other biological activity and efficacy, from laboratory scale to clinical and field trials.

We encourage this great son of Africa to continue with this area of research which will give hope to our planet, now posed with a great danger that can significantly affect human existence here on Earth if we continue destroying nature and not conserving the same.

Report By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

For The Diaspora Times.


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