A Man Associated With A Past Full Of Deceit And Fraud Derailing Diaspora Leaders To Forget Serving Kenyans In the Diaspora.


Shem Ochuodho the self declared chairman of KDA, is Derailing Diasporans to forget their pertinent felt needs to serve his selfish interest shrouded with uncertainty. That in itself is a dangerous trend that will lead to neglecting the generation we brought here in the Diaspora.

Shem who was once in Government, left behind a string of corruption cases, and later tried to vie for deputy President with Safina party of Muite but failed miserably.

He is a shenanigan taking advantage of a defragmented and confused Diaspora and want to use confused Kenyans to gain from the remittances that go home un-directed.

He has no good intention for Diaspora being away and not being part of the struggles many people go through, and his only intentions are to confuse a few while sitting in his corrupt supported office arranging symposiums after symposium.

They will of course hold the convention that will be attended by selfish Diaspora leaders who will meet the costly flights using their hard earned dollar and pounds unlike the Governors whose trips abroad are catered for by the Government.

The meeting will also attract those that had pre-arranged their visit home but still, their enjoyment will be cut short and hijacked by simply getting promises of free lunch.

The confused Diaspora with no prior briefed agenda will then waste time listening to a senior stammering leader and other greedy opportunist silk tied conmen promising them inclusion in the big 4 agenda, inclusion in the BBI, and Diaspora future voting, but little else.

They will be entertained for a day, waste $50 registration, then exchange useless business cards and depart with clip boards that will not have any signed policy.

They will later return back to America and elsewhere broke to await for implementation and inclusion in big project deals, but the same will never happen and if it does, it will only be for the benefit of a few.

The Diaspora projects already in place are just a waste of money for no one in the Diaspora will get good meaningful return on investments currently under way.

Why can’t Kenyans concentrate and unite for a common cause?.

Have we here in Diaspora constructed hospitals for our young ones, taken care of the homeless Kenyans, and now what is left is to give back to mother Africa…. The plight of mothers abandoned in America by useless husbands forgotten, solved depression cases , suicide, alcoholism, people working 4 shifts to invest in Africa while sacrificing and denying themselves their basic needs, Kenyans spending alot of money to get vital travel and identification documents.

Kenyans unable to bury their loved ones and have to fundraise, Kenyans without medical cover, Kenyans without work permits etc. etc.

What became of us? We want to show Kenyans how rich we are after the same greedy people continue rooting Kenyans and want to extend the sick culture to Diaspora, and yet we cannot organize ourselves.

They want to tap the little we earn so that we abandon our children… its time we say a big NO and refuse to be drawn into petty Kenyan politics in disguise of development.

The way forward is to ignore selfish leaders selling us to ignorant well fed leaders like  

Shem Ochuodho who is a failure to and into life.

We should not listen to a man who could not even deliver to his constituency and now want to derail people in Diaspora after noting their incompetence to unite for a common cause.

The Diaspora convention should instead be held here by Kenyans to educate all how to unite and build communities that will benefit the generations we are raising here.

The generation we are raising here are not Kenyans but Americans and our concern is them not Kenya.

We here speak as the Central Organization For Diaspora Unity (CODU) and our concentration is on Diaspora welfare while occasionally pointing out the ills of the Kenya we left for we still have relatives that are oppressed by the system. 

 We are not boarding to attend a useless convention that only offers empty promises and our only wish is the day the 2030 Diaspora policy will be rewritten with an aim of strengthening the Kenyan community not in Kenya, but here in America and elsewhere Kenyans have immigrated to.

We fail because we do not try!





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  1. It is very true that we here in Kenya have failed to sustain our foreign currency earning industries and are now turning to the diaspora for the exchange. Most of these people are working in horrible conditions in the Middle East, S. Sudan and elsewhere. While I do not discourage anyone from investing at home, it is wrong to make it a government policy. And if it must be then, lets facilitate those in the diaspora to invest in industries that will create long term employment for their brothers and sisters back home and hopefully break the cycle in the future.


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