In lieu of Huduma number, a country or continent is composed of young and old from all levels of generations and any of the following may strikes at any time, trials in any form, obstacles, hardship and all other forms of calamities affect every citizen of that country or continent one way or another regardless of any status. The only survival is love and unity of the people.

I would like to share my thoughts.

Stagnation is one cause usually brought about by the same continuous of events and ideas from age to age without filtration or double check either due to lack of knowledge or trust that the old knows best. In some cases, they do but not usually.

AFRICA IS NOT ONLY HUGE BUT WITH POTENTIAL FOR VAST WEALTH and in that we as Kenyans, we wait for our children to be cared and nurtured physically and mentally but do we do ‘’all we can with every fiber and wisdom given to us to leave a strong generation that cares and proud of their motherland as mother animals  do as they fight for survival of their young ones or leave them to nature to teach them’’.?

I love animals and I have come to certify them as BEST mothers.

As all Birds endlessly teach their young ones how  to fly or a crocodile risk its life by waiting for months without food for her eggs to hatch and then to carry her helpless babies to safety through a vast flowing river fifteen in her mouth at a time back and forth until all the ones that survive the ordeal lands to safety are all God’s miracles of life. This by far tells me that Yes! even animals are God creation and they too know the pain and joy of life.

Our young and next generation needs to be guided and be shown a FIRM FOUNDATION to be able to lead and directs the future generations to come for Kenya and for Africa as a CONTINENT.

Now, is the time to teach them and show them by examples as animals do. Only humans leave their young ones to the world. Other maternal animals show and teach them without giving up because it is their responsibility to enlighten them the best way they know how.

An Eagle, for example, takes her young to a clip and drop them. The quick and luck fly but some drop to the bottom then the mother bird do it over and over until by pure joy, They get it and fly and the mother rest knowing her work is done. That the same with all other animals it is a circle of life.

Hey! by all means, I’m not saying or suggesting we do that with our young ones But saying we give them Firm foundation based on right teachings, compassion, humility, and love.

We build them by showing them that with fresh ideas from each individual regardless of their tribe background or country, will prosper them as a whole.

We listen to them voice their opinion and as Jesus did with His disciples, by examples we let them see how some of the ideas may be temporarily gratification not long-lived.

I advocate unity, acceptability, Compassion, and Empathy for each other.

Let’s teach our young to be proud of their Country and Continent as a whole.

From a mother’s point of view.

Domiscilla Wagner.

Inspiration Contributor

Kenyan Parents In USA

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  1. This is a very inspiring message. Having been brought up in Africa, I have seen the way animals take care of their youngones and how we ‘ human beings’ take care of our children. I terms of care, some of us need to learn from animals.


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