A Positive attitude goes along with this thanksgiving weekend


A person can have a positive or a negative attitude.

Attitude affects how you feel, look, say and what you do. It affects your life physically, socially, spiritually and mentally.

“As a man thinks so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7). If you think positively you are more likely to be optimistic. You act like you feel.

Let’s talk about the Family and Reporting during thanksgiving,

Also offer some tips to help with maintaining a positive attitude this weekend.

Family Reporting: You and I will be reporting to family and friends this weekend. Myself I wanted to escape reporting to my In-Laws in Augusta, GA, but now there are no more missions out of state or out of the country so here I am. All the Ladies in my family are chatting and cooking. They are cooking everything there is to cook. It is almost like a beautiful living competition because each one has a dish to prepare. There are 5 of them. Honestly last night I watched my daughter prepare the Thanksgiving Turkey, and now auntie Eunice is making Samosas. It now seems that everything is working superb. Uncle Jack and his brother Joe and the Kenyan man are in the living room discussing politics. They had goat meat prepare. From the dishes being prepared, it is going to be an AmeriKenyan meal. I choose to have a positive attitude. Here I am myself as Mama Cirû or Tata Wambûi (Auntie) or Maitû Mûkûrû…the family matriarch, but its a nice role, which I am  not playing today. I just like being me. Like you the fearful part is coming along with the food. That’s when everyone goes around saying what they are thankful for. Let us be thankful for being here in the now. Am grateful for this far the Lord has been good to us.

Watch Out! I suggest you do this after eating, coz hungry people can get angry and ruin the Thanksgiving meal. So if you know there are some issues family members have been avoiding only raise them after a hearty meal. You will have better response. I use this method with school counseling and with allowed healthy snacks.  It works better. Do not discuss sensitive issues before a good meal. 

Go ahead and purpose to have a great time this weekend. Be philosophical about it. Be  positive…think with Rene Descartes, ” I think therefore I am.” Or simply put, “I am able to think. Therefore, I exist.”  Have an attitude like that redefine your identity. You have to remember that your thoughts affect your feelings, actions and attitude. Think positively.

Here are Tips for Developing and Maintaining a Positive Attitude this holiday: 

1. Family Communication

Especially Who are you going out with. What activity you are engaged in. Where you are going? When you are expected back home.  Poor communication is not healthy for family. An example:  My good friend from Kenya called from Marietta to surprise me: Hello! Bwana Asifiwe Rev! I am in America now. Hallelujah!! May I come over for tea? I said yes. Sure come on over. You are most welcome. What’s your address? I gave her the address. Is that in GA…What? I replied You get it in 200 miles you will be here. Such silly surprises are not necessary this weekend.

2. Keep Time for family events.

Honor one another. Or eat cold Chapatis with tea by yourself.

3. Smile often. No one likes a sorry face in family gatherings.

Do you know the Bible teaches that we can suspend mourning and crying to celebrate the day of the Lord? See Nehemiah 8:10 Nehemiah Said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared.

This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

4. Be Positive. Use polite words like, may I, excuse me, I am sorry. Thank you. Affirm your family members. Pay attention to them compliment each other.

5. Be helpful. Offer to help but don’t always put yourself in people’s business without invitation. When one is not invited to do stuff, use that time to rest. You don’t always have to be the center of everything. Or if you see someone struggling ask to help.

6. Be patient. Some things take time for others to learn and be where you are. This is for us immigrants.  Be kind and humble. Don’t show off or put other family members down.

They will testify tomorrow.

7. Remember to take a deep breath in between activities.  Take time out to Watch and enjoy the Sunset. Or rise up early and watch the sun rise…greet the day with joy. 

Friends you are a member of a family. You affect and reflect each other. Tell them you love them. Show them you care.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Be Safe. Don’t Drink Alcohol and Drive. Keep the Speed Limits.



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Kenyan Parents In USA


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