A You A Vessel To Touch Someone In Trouble And Make Them Smile? Jean Adero Is Certainly One.


By Susan Kiongo

We exchanged a series of not too serious texts, in a Whatsapp forum. Someone had said that poverty is a disease, and it is possible to get healed. I needed that healing balm, so I reached out. I was looking for a way to change my life, because evidently some things have not been working right for me insofar as finances are concerned. I had my fair share of inconveniences even before this Covid misadventure.

Reaching out might be seen as a weakness, but I beg to differ. Reaching out, just as crying in public, is a sign of strength, not weakness. And so, I spilled my beans, not thinking much about it, nor that anyone other than the person to whom I directed my texts, was reading.

As it turned out, many people were following the conversation, and there was someone who actually reached out to me and pointed me in the right direction. Sometimes things happen out of our control, nothing to be ashamed about. So, anyway, the lady I was referred to was a true gem. She was truly resourceful, non-judgmental and very understanding. She knew what she talked about and dissected my problem in less than half of an hour.

At the end of our conversation, I thanked her ever so much, and she ignited the fire in me. She said words to the effect that she was just a vessel that had given herself over to be used of the Master, as she helped His children.

She was the vessel through which my heart smiled again; my shoulders were suddenly lighter

My troubles flew out the window; the air smelled sweet and fresh again

My steps were light and free as the wind

The whistling rushing spring winds were not annoying any more, they were actually whistling at me

The trees swaying in the wind were dancing for me; everything seemed different; beautiful and new

I suddenly regained my hearty laughter; something good had just happened to me

I pitied the forlorn-looking girl at the gas station, instead of judging her

Something wonderful happened; But it had just been a telephone call

That Vessel had poured out some sweet smelling savor; that permeated my whole being

She was my angel, in her own humble and sweet manner

That simple conversation was a real blessing. It has been two weeks now, and amidst all the confusion, worry, and fear God had a Vessel waiting to fill my miserable heart.

Bless you, Jean Adero, the Vessel that brought change and light my way, one dreary Sunday afternoon. Your light rekindled my candle and it is still shining. I pray that I keep that flame ablaze, and keep passing it on. Better things are still ahead. Much gratitude to Ms. Karimi too, my other angel, for directing me to Jean.

At times like these, we need vessels that will bless other lives and hearts. What kind of vessel are you?

Finally, let us continue taking care of one another as we take care of the universe, for we are all one.

Let’s strive to be happy; it is still a beautiful world.

Susan Kiongo

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach




Hon Member Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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