Diaspora Valid Dreams: A Young Kenyan Ian Kamau Shines In Performing Arts Arena After Winning A State Title In Georgia.


By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi for The Diaspora Times News



A young Kenyan has won first place in the humorous oral interpretation category for class 5A in Georgia.

Ian Kamau signed for performing arts class at Cartersville as an elective but little did he know it will eventually end up as a passion and a win a major category in the performing arts arena.

Ian  never had any experience in that field and while joining, he just assumed that it was yet another class where he would easily get an “A”

It somehow was not the case as it eventually transformed into a passion.

Kamau has been a crucial member of the Cartersville squad and he also landed a leading role as Willy Wonka in the School fall production of“ Charlie and the Chocolate factory”

The Cartersville tribune had this to say of this upcoming young Kenyan.

“As the curtain slowly lowers on Kamau’s time at Cartersville, he sees plenty of future spotlights in his future. Kamau plans to pursue a future in the arts, but is just as enthusiastic about furthering his education to gain future employment in the medical field. “I’m going to get certified in radiology,” Kamau said. “I’ve just always liked X-rays and I like the technology involved.” That said, the call of the stage is still very loud in his ear. “I’m also still very interested in continuing to perform,” Kamau said. “Attending Julliard is a dream, but there are other things I’d like to do. I want to see what I can do in the theater around Atlanta and Broadway is another dream. I just have a lot of passion and ambition for the future.”

We can only conclude that being a young scholar this could be the beginning of bigger things to come for this young Kenyan and we are optimistic that we shall in future hear his name featuring in higher places of great performing artist.

We at the Diaspora Times hereby wish him all the best and may his star continue to shine brighter and join those Kenyan in the Diaspora who always keep the Kenyan map noticed in the global world of performing artists.

Face book Excerpts

Meet Ian Kamau, the Cartersville-Bartow Chamber’s Student of the Month.
He first signed up for a performing arts class just to fill out his schedule quickly, but it soon turned into his passion.
Learn about the mental toll Ian faced as he was forced into quarantine just before a scheduled performance where he had the leading role, and then he choose to use his experience and seniority to be in charge of the mentoring program to help guide younger members.


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