Accept BBI As A process To Embark On Seeking The Elusive Peace Needed In Kenya: DNA Global President Tells DP William Ruto



There comes a time when leaders with a genuine agenda for their fellow Kenyans must decide to put on hold their political differences and party affiliations to pursue a common cause of shaping the destiny of mankind and Kenya is now at that defining moment.

It is such moments not long ago that made President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, to set aside the political differences he had with Hon Raila Odinga in order to contain a situation that was about to explode and as was the case and still is, the moment the two leaders met, Kenya was again orbiting on the path of peace.

All Kenyans want peace and the same should be achieved through a process but not through a formula with erratic conditions issued at road side gatherings to impress the always swayed and taken for granted masses.

BBI is that process and if all Kenyans are in agreement, and are ready to walk that path to seek the elusive peace and unity of purpose in the country, then all should start the process without petty conditions.

The conditions leaders like William Ruto and others are suggesting inorder to accept BBI, can be accommodated at a later stage if at all they are necessary. Who should appoint who, and how and what, should not be made a big deal to derail and delay the BBI process.

The emerging of tribal groupings, and regional ramification, while challenging the security organs, and senior civil servants, are the primary challenges to peace and security in the country. The notoriously impromptu meetings by leaders declaring their stand on BBI without any well thought counter written documents to justify their statements, only escalates tensions with no end in sight.

The rich politicians trying to dice the country in what they term as the “hustler nation” and yet they are not part of their state, are just jingoist inciters dividing the people and driving a wedge between the haves and havenots. Its not genuine and it must stop.

We must condemn those meetings as their aim is to disrupt normal political process for the same don’t focus on resolving internal Jubilee party wrangles through well thought consultative negotiations, but through combat and loose talk, chest thumping, methods full of intimidations and insults at times.

Elusive Peace calls for a well thought process that dwells on dissecting the nature of internal conflicts that happens every election cycle, and then explains how and why appropriate remedial actions for stopping the same, was considered and accommodated without omissions in the BBI.

The politicians spreading propaganda to the effect that BBI is not for the common man, are misleading the people as the same, was not meant to come up with ways of making the poor rich overnight, but to come up with an initiative of stopping the conflicts that eventually affect the economy.

When there is peace in the country, the common man that is now being incited to reject BBI, will not benefit when conflicts erupts, and that is the reason all should accept the process which is trying to resolve ways of stopping the violence that always happens before and after the elections.

The process will eventually enable the common man to do business anywhere in the country, without fear and thereafter prosper. BBI, is not promising handouts, but ensuring that there will be peace in the country so that no tribe will rise against the other as all will be considered and accommodated in the new Government, and though it may appear a bloated Government, the BBI secretariat had a reason in reorganizing the existing structure.

There were past failed negotiations in Kenya, and BBI secretariat being aware of the same, focused on the failures and made further suggestions for changes in negotiating strategies now and in future that could lead to a more successful outcome. The same is not the end but a beginning of further changes deemed fit as amendments to the constitution, is a continuous process due to prevailing unforeseen circumstances that can easily be accommodated later through acts of parliament.

It is not only in Kenya, but the World over and USA constitution as an example, has been amended 27 times.

Kenya like many other countries is under threat due to a pandemic that is threatening the very survival of humankind and people should not be added more political stress and all must now unite to fight the pandemic while the BBI process continues with strict health guidelines.

The process at this time of great technological expertise, can be done virtually and in selected Townhall meetings in Districts and thereafter, signatures collected without attracting large crowds.

We still have a lot of time to the General elections and hence, let us complete this process so that come 2022, a solution to avoid recurring ethnic antagonism conflicts, will be in place to make the transition to the next Government a smooth one.

Kenyans will then go to the polls, and if the elections will be free and fair, the outcome of the results will be honoured as the same will be a reflection of the will of the people. We should therefore have no fear who takes over from President Uhuru Kenyatta, so long as a proper autonomous judicial system, and a constitution that works for the common good of all, will be in place. All that is guaranteed by the BBI proposals some are rejecting even without reading the contents.

At the end of the day, those defeated still have a role to play as per BBI as they will take the role of official opposition for checks and balances and still others rejected by the electorate, should accept and move on as Kenya is bigger than an individual.

We shall then swear the 5th President of the republic of Kenya to continue with a legacy which is beyond 2050 as stated and envisaged by President Uhuru Kenyatta in many of his public address, while hoping that even better building bridges initiatives, will in future still continue happening to bring about the cherished everlasting peace among all tribes in Kenya.

So be it.

Arch Dr, Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly For 254

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