Adding VALUE to OTHERS is the Best thing in Life – Join the movement in 2020


Life is a gift, it is short, it has challenges galore and sometimes one may feel like giving up. Such situations have led to very many people committing suicide, engaging in drugs or just giving up, waiting for fate to deal with them.

You are not alone; I have been there, depressed, lost hope, lost friends but retained the faith. I know how it feel, I know the pain and that is why I am obliged to inspire, educate, motivate, link and boost peoples’ energy through my social media channels and where possible one-on-one when time allows.

Join this positive weekly show with Live Audience every week starting this 7th February 2020.

The show will also feature top successful entrepreneurs, top career men and women and those who have a passion for social economic transformation.

Register if you want to participate as LIVE audience. *(*

All happening at Optiven Transformation Centre Studios (OTC), Nairobi – Kenya.

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