By Domiscilla Wagner.


The continent of Africa has for many centuries been referred by the western World as a jungle of the wild animals and simply a dark continent.

A Lot of foreigners from that assumption then wonders who we are and what we represent.

I in particular used to get mad and respond in defense until one day when I saw a UNICEF ad after which it then all of a sudden enlightened me as to why the stereo type thinking has been in existent.

Then can you blame these people if what they are shown of Africa is a Doctored documentary designed for ‘Sympathy’and not for Strength or anywhere near reality?

The danger of a single story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:  Confirmed my thoughts. People don’t read or travel, some by choice, lack of time, money and others due to fear of the unknown. ….and those who dare venture out to the jungle as they call it, for fame or for many other reasons give an account of adventure obviously to suit whichever category they fall in.

Therefore; brothers and sisters it is our responsibility to educate them, enlighten them and remove the veil of deceit by giving them correct information. For example, Where do you come from? Many of them ask after finding out you come from somewhere else or by simply hearing your accent.  Your answer without lying should be your country, And if they want more explanation, tell them which part of Africa geographically you are from.

Giving them a bush answer just adds into the assumption they already have for Africa.

In, don’t cry when people abandon you, the author paints a picture of the dangers of an assumption, the mask, worn for protection or cover up by most people. Human and Animals wear them it is a uniform for earth dwellers but what’s underneath? Touch them and you will find out.

Time to market what we want our product to represent to the world regardless of what others have, lets our products be on the list not for SYMPATHY OR AS an ADD ON, BUT FOR WHAT IS WORTHY. Here I’m referring to both human value and quality of actual products,

I read a story once of a disabled man who lived alone with a cat, and he had spent most of his days talking to this cat and showing him how to call 911 in case of an emergency

However; one day he turned on the poor thing and started hurling insults at him reasoning that it was a waste of time because the useless cat will not do anything. Well, the day came when his wheelchair bumped into the wall flipping over the whole thing with him on.

He did all he could but nothing worked, He gave up on the hope that maybe a neighbor or a family would find him. Sometime later, He was awakened by someone bursting the door. The EMT, police, and firemen were in.

They got him up and got him situated, and as they were saying their goodbyes he asked them…. How did you find out I needed help?… And their answer was “You called” and as he started to protest, he remembered the countless times he spent teaching his cat how to call for help in case of an emergency and he shed tears of joy as he praised God.

Brothers and sisters God has equipped us with all we need. If we can trust that he will “never leave you or forsake you’  and that he is always with us “EMMANUEL” then your life on this earth will have more meaning. Being in this world doesn’t mean doing what everyone is doing, Do right and let your light shine where you are planted.

A perfect example is this bright girl from Zambia by the name Natasha Mwansa….God gave her courage and confidence to represent the youth and to put in leaders minds that ‘they are no longer like sheep led to the slaughter they are people, they matter and are here to make a change and be part of the change for their next generation.

Our president showed to the world that we too have a say on how our money will be used. Now for those who are wondering how we as African will rise, there is your ANSWER. MONEY CONTROL. This was the most important and out of reach to the general population and now wait for the good result after the dust settles.

When the fake money is no longer in circulation, and the money launderers get afraid of losing money, Kenya’s strength will pick up starting from the ground up and other Africans presidents will follow suit. It takes one brave leader to set an example like our President has done and then the rest will copy. Pope Francis took a stand and did what so many before him had not managed.

South Africa has chosen a different leader with a different attitude and power and soon others will follow suit. Every week there is someone emerging and saying this should stop and hence, a complete change will eventually be realized.

This scripture in the book of Ezekiel 37. “The valley of dry bones”. And how Jehovah Command Ezekiel to prophesy until the dry bones got life come to mind,

Earlier, I mentioned that I may be an optimist and some of you may have been wondering who this Domiscilla is with no theological teachings and what is she talking about. Let me put your mind to rest.

I’m not religiously with collar and behind a pulpit but I have faith and I believe and trust in God. He took me on a journey “my journey”  and mine alone and each and every person on this earth has their own journey. I know WHO MY GOD IS and WHAT HE CAN DO FOR ME AND ALL and therefore I am not going back to the old Domiscilla.

I’m not claiming to be anything but your sister in Christ. If any of my many posts has touched you to think differently, praise God and simply note that I was only voicing my opinions.

Never imagine or conclude that you are not important, as you are important to God and he knows where to plant you to do his will.

I always had faith but I didn’t know what it was or how to apply it until 1999 when everything took a different direction and the awareness took roots. I happen to be adventurous by nature,… I love people, animals, the comedy and the joy they bring me when I see them. I like going to new places, with gardening being my best hobby but I have no love for roller coasters.

Back to the scriptures. Why did the LORD use this reference? ‘The valley of dry bones” As Africans, most of you can identify with the reference because dry bones are common in this continent for facts, you know and also seen it or them. Not cooked bones but dry bones, And yet Jehovah Ask Ezekiel a question, …….. Can these drybones have a life? The obvious answer is “No” but I like how he responds, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.” Wonderful!,

The first time this scripture was brought to me I was trying to convince a family member that God can change difficulty people as well. And today as I was writing this article, the LORD wants us to know there is no hopeless situation and he has the POWER to change and do anything he wishes.

Therefore we use the reference of this scripture to Prophecy for AFRICA and anything that is not working in your lives, as Ezekiel did and got the results as God intended for him to see and witness, Seeing and hearing the words of faith again are applied.

The power of prayer.  About 8 days ago, I read this article SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA AND HOW USA LOST ITS ALLURE and what I felt resulted in this prayer in my comments,

Well put. Thank you. The question remains. Is it a slow start to end in good business venture for everyone or to put them in prison and throw away the key.

Only time will tell, but will it also be too late? OH! GRACIOUS FATHER, SAVE KENYA AND HER CONTINENT. Its only you who knows the truth and the best cause of action to take.

People are desperate and simply don’t know which side stand on.


Thank you for hearing her citizens cries and sending your anointed Angels to the rescue in Jesus Name. Amen!

Brothers and sisters pray for the change you want for you and your family.

Its good to note that in every society, there are labels attached to certain people or a group of people as it is in the world and every group of animals knows exactly where to drink or graze.

Among Africans, Nigerians are known or referred to as ‘Con men” are they? Or have they mastered how to beat the Westerners at their own game. If I were to be asked, British are the “master con men”. They conned the whole world at ease. Just my observation.

Back to the important issues…. Africa, can be respected and its people welcomed as contributors to the world and not taken as beggars or underserved people?


“When we do not try, failure is 100% guaranteed, but when we try, we reduce the probability of failure and increase the certainty of success.  A determined and a united team can attain the grandest heights many envy and that is exactly what CODU intend to do.


There, you have it brothers and sisters, as CODU puts it ‘TRY.’ There is always room for improvement but it is worth trying and even our president as well gave us all, HOPE.

Hope in times of difficulties to believe that we can once again have control of our MONEY that have been misappropriated.

It is still that HOPE that is needed to see a Kenya free from corruption.
Just be the best at your game and know they label you because you confused them or gave them a run for their money.  In any case, “WE ARE JUST TOO GOOD”

Thank you for reading.

Your sister in Christ

Domiscilla Wagner (Mrs)

Inspirational contributor and motivator


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