“African Wonder Woman” Julliet Makhapila Hosts Hon Councillor Elizabeth Kangethe During The Komesha Corona Virus Facebook Show.

Madam Juliet Makhapila
Clrr Elizabeth Kangethe DNA Deputy President

The lady who is now the talk of the #komeshaCoronavirus campaign that began in Kenya, Madam Julliet Makhapila, and who is also UK, DNA CS for Foreign Affairs, last night hosted Councillor Elizabeth Kangethe of Pasloe Ward UK to give her views regarding the deadly COVID-19.

The campaign is to expound the efforts of Kenyan Ministry of Health in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19 using the code phrase “komesha korona virus”

The facebook talk show that lasted one hour advised all to keep distance while regularly washing hands to combat the epidemic.

Clrr Elizabeth Kangethe who is also our UK DNA Deputy President, talked at length and advised all to observe Government rules while cautioning Kenya to take strict measures not to end up like most western world that took the issue lightly when it was first detected.

“You have a chance to reverse the situation early now that you have seen how devastating the epidemic is” Clrr Elizabeth said while joining Madam Makhapila in singing the famous song “ Hes got the whole world in his hands” The two also belong to Women Empowerment Group and some Ladies last week’s had performed this song joining the Star Examples Oprah Winfrey, Pastor TD Jakes and others in the efforts of giving hope to our world today.

Julliet Makhapila deserve praise as she has devoted most of her time to educate all on the dangers of corona virus and more so, how to prevent the spread.

Her campaign that was first posted by DNA has as today reached over 485,250 people worldwide.

We at DNA are delighted to have a dynamic woman who is leading a campaign to save many lives.




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