7th July, 2021 – Africans living in the diaspora are having discussions on how they can organize and be able to do business and invest in Africa in a structured manner. This was discussed at the “Africa Wealth Conference’ that took place virtually but organized in Nairobi, Kenya on 7th July, 2021, the conference was attended by over 700 Africans drawn from different countries in the continent and outside the continent following the proceedings virtually. 

Africans living in the diaspora following the discussion virtually came together to discuss the continent’s economic development agenda and discuss how collectively they can organize and be able to invest. Remittances are evidence of the capacity of the Diaspora to participate in economic development, for example Kenya where over Ksh 300 billion is remitted annually. The way to channel these remittances into structured investment projects, is by collaboration of Africans across the globe to invest in trusted investment vehicles and companies. Communities need to organize through SACCO’s, Investment groups, Investment funds or companies to take up the capital intensive opportunities that generate great returns for  investors.

Anne Wambui Gaitha, The CEO of the Nairobi based Regal Africa Group and the Convenor of the ‘Africa Wealth Conference” stated that the Africa Diaspora were important when discussing economic development as they provide capital, knowledge and networks that when harnessed well and organized can ensure transformation of the continent.

Dr. Beatrice Lukose focused her Keynote speech on the need to ensure that we have a transformed “Mindset” as Africans and change the narrative and stories of Africa.

Revolving around the theme of “Empowering Africans to Create Wealth by participating in Africa Economic Development” the overarching principle of trust would shape interactions between Diasporans and Investees. Diasporans were encouraged to explore diverse investment channels such as REIT’s, Money Market Funds, Stocks and Bonds, E-Commerce, Real Estate and Businesses.

The conference discussions further noted that the opportunities found on the continent were immense, and harnessing them would not only be profitable but also create employment, wealth, and socio-economic transformation for each participating country while providing opportunities for global investors looking for great returns.

The final panel brought all the thoughts together by reminding the Diaspora community that those with a connection to the continent whether born here or not are all Africans that can add value through their knowledge, skills, finances and networks. “Think not only of what Africa can give you but also of what you can give to Africa”.

The 2nd Africa Wealth Conference will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. In July 2022


About the Africa Wealth Conference

The Africa Wealth Conference is an annual conference that seeks to play an important role in facilitating dialogue, advancing knowledge and information about wealth creation and wealth management opportunities in Africa. The ultimate goal is Wealth Creation for all Africans and Africa Economic Development. The conference is brought to the world by Regal Africa, an organization that focuses on assisting our clients to “Create Wealth” through trade and investment. We focus on Transforming Families by enabling them to create generational wealth, Transforming Communities through family businesses and Impacting Nations through participation in international trade

Regal Africa currently works with Africans, African Diaspora and Friends of Africa to ensure economic development on the African Continent.

For more information:

Anne Wambui Gaitha, Conference Convenor

Regina Kinuthia, Event Coordinator +254714009065

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