Alcoholism Is Not Demonic Obsession But A self Inflicted Disease Which Is Treatable By Rev Wambui Njoroge Msc.

Rev Wambui Njoroge

To argue that alcoholism is not a disease, when the medical community has determine it is…in itself it is an effort in futility.

What I want to emphasize is that it is treatable and help is available.

If a person wishes to seek alternative folk therapies, medicine, or treatment that is their choice. For others who need real help, we already identified various ways to go about it.

Those who call it a demon unfortunately cannot tell a person where the will of a person starts and ends for demons to take control. Actually calling it demonic is more like telling the person they have no control of their actions demons do.

In all fairness, let’s take all the perspectives: Biological predisposition, Biblical perspective of rebellion and demons. Then there it is…a Disease, learned behavior, self destructive behavior, poor role modeling, escape from pain.

Demonic possession. Now let us use the same reasoning abilities that a human being has. All should lead us to the same conclusion and that is:

Alcohol is destroying individuals within families.
Help is available. So if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol., seek professional help.

Keep the message simple and keep it real.
Arguments are futile when they are meant to delay or prolong treatment. I cannot see people arguing when someone has died because of alcohol poisoning. Like my nephew died.
Follow research based evidence. Not folk methods or individual folk theology (meaning views held by only one person without verifiable evidence. That’s how people get deceived). Am just saying.
For Christians we are supposed to be proof producers. Talk is just talk.
A person who is an alcoholic May deny it, but the person knows they have a problem.
Do you remember how I learned “a couple of alcoholic drinks” means what? And charting, “Denies taking alcohol. Reports taking 2 beers this week” In the same clinical notes we talked of earlier, the Therapist returned and noted that so and so was “Aware of their alcoholism whether it was interfering with their daily functions or not, diagnosis and  understood the need for treatment.

Then agreed to comply with the treatment plan/As evidenced by their signing consent for treatment.”
Alcohol addiction is real. It is not a demon though it may look like that to the religious folks.
Help individuals by removing barriers for treatment. Don’t place cultural, religious, gender or personal barriers between a person who needs help and the treatment they so desperately need.

Rev Wambui Njoroge


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