By Dr. Jean Kamau-Nairobi Correspondent The Diaspora Times

An inconspicuous spiritual warfare battle exists in our world, and though we may not see it, we often forget and ignore it. The same exists in Kenya, and If you are a firm believer living like salt and light in this world, you must have gone through some spiritual warfare through obstacles, temptations, and attacks hurled by the evil one to test your faith. In the modern world we live in, and unlike in the ancient world, such tests are in the form of money that many can’t resist.

Many so-called Church leaders have made the devil dwell by accepting favors from politicians that became rich through corruption. Temptations have reduced them to mere puppets that glorify humans who are only interested in being at the top, not to serve the interests of the poor but their own. They forgot God’s advice that encourages humans to avoid such people and be aware of Satan’s schemes by staying away from the ones mentioned in many scandals.

God has guided man through the Bible to stand firm in this life and be victorious over evil schemes. Yet many are ill-equipped, unprepared, or simply unaware of what they are up against or who their real enemy is.

In most instances, the forces of darkness don’t allow humans to be ready for their attack. They are ruthless, determined, and cunning, and the devil easily manipulates God’s people by offering them earthly gifts to forget the bad done to others elsewhere.

Therefore, it is in a broken, dark world not to know if we are facing the expected difficulties of life compared to actual spiritual warfare attacks of the enemy?  

However, we can win Spiritual warfare against the dark forces by not giving the devil any attention or focusing too much on his evil ways. The dark spiritual world can be eliminated by standing firm with God’s guidance and letting Him fight our fiercest battles. There’s power through His Spirit, His Word, and in prayer, and we can be confident that if we believe in him, He will always be with us and shield all who trust him from the influence of those with bad intentions.

Many have fallen short of the glory, and one wonders if the many pastors who supported corrupt politicians and died last year almost at the same time were the consequences of God’s wrath.

However, we may not conclude as put, but the strange coincidence is disturbing and can alert many worshiping and following blindly politicians who are bribing people to get admiration.

Some few Church leaders are ignoring their cardinal duty of providing spiritual guidance and concentrating on glorifying politicians in favor of handouts that came as tithes. Such politicians use weak people to attack the head of State to advance their agenda without any repercussions. The same was not genuine tithes and could have benefitted the Pastors who may have outright suffered God’s wrath just like the biblical Ananias.

The clergy should remain nonpartisan and must not interfere with the coming general elections and, if they do, should be defrocked to vie for elected posts.

Those abusing the anointed head of State as per the scripture should be condemned and warned as they can also receive God’s wrath like the few who suddenly died soon after glorifying corrupt politicians.

We should be concerned about the dark forces of spiritual warfare happening in our own country.

There is a lot of negative energy among politicians, which results in the manifested forces of chaos, confusion, and insanity. Those people resonating with those evil forces become individual conduits or vessels of chaotic expression. Moses Kuria and the likes don’t know what to do with the incredible negativity inside them and are confused, lost, and acting out self-destructive ways.

You will curse them, but they will not stop as they have their masters who pay them to spread hate to receive the desired results.

This may appear as if we have reached the end of the tunnel- but after people start realizing that they are being deceived, the realization will make the spreaders of hate disappear into oblivion and never be heard of again.

That will be the period of rejoicing, and the same will soon happen later this year when a true leader who genuinely believes in a just society of men will triumph to take the oath of office.

The same will be the opposite of those spreading hate and one who is determined to maintain the peace that prevailed after the handshake.

That peace and unity of purpose will make Kenya not be left out in the 21st century but be among the top Nations in Africa to attract more investors to boost the economy, eventually reducing the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Yes, it will happen if all Kenyans say no to bribery and vote for a genuine nationalist leader that wants to serve all Kenyans without classifying them by tribes.

When we achieve that, we shall have at least conquered some dark forces of the underworld. The current spiritual war of the underworld reinforced by a few greedy people will be a thing of the past, thus making all dwell in peace and unity.


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