Angels Are Real: By Susan Wambui Certified INHC


I read this following short story that forms the basis of my article, in a Readers Digest almost 35 years ago. That magazine introduced me to the mature, wonderful world of literature that affirmed my love for reading beyond the “Happily Ever Afters” of Mills and Boons and the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie, James Hadley Chase and those other old time favorites.

The story was about a young man visiting his grandparents, who lived next to a busy road. As he left, the old man told his grandson: “These vehicles drive past here so fast these days please drive slowly and be careful on that road”. A few minutes later, the young man was to find a motor vehicle accident just a few miles from his grandparent’s house. He believed his grand dad was his angel cautioning him to drive slowly. The incident opened up his eyes to see angels are all around us. His story has kept with me for almost half my life, and it opened my eyes too.

It might be that driver that cuts sharply ahead of you, then suddenly appears to slow down. Don’t be mad, that might be your angel trying to tell you there’s danger or police ahead. It might be in that traffic jam holding you up for a few minutes or even hours. Don’t be frustrated, there might be something you do not know about that you were held back from. It might be that child acting up in the morning to delay you because your angel has seen there is a crazy person carrying a gun and perhaps if you leave early, you’ll meet him head on. Your angel might be making your boss act mean to you because you have been so long on that job and you’ve been praying for a better change. Don’t be angry with your boss, take up the challenge and move on to where your destiny is calling. Your angel might be causing you those sleepless nights so that you can become creative and carve your new world out of your desperate situation. Your angel might have caused you to miss your exit so as to avoid a nasty accident. Your angel might be that one person who believes in you when all others don’t, or that person who gives you an opportunity to better yourself in life and they want nothing in return. Thank God for them.

Sometimes we fail to recognize when they appear because we have been conditioned to think that angels have wings and are dressed in pure white. I believe that is one form of angels, but we do have earthly ones too. Like the case of a small boy whose grandmother was so sick. His dad wanted to go away for the night, but the boy really begged him: “Daddy please don’t go, can’t you see how dark it is out there?” The man thought the boy was just nagging him for nothing, and went anyway, leaving his sick mother in the care of his young daughter. The old lady died that night, and that totally traumatized his daughter and grandson, as they stayed till morning with the dead body. If only he had listened to the boy he could have been there to take charge of the situation, maybe even take his mom to hospital.

I personally have witnessed numerous incidents that I can only describe as angels disguised as humans. One dark, rainy, muddy night my vehicle lost its brakes on a busy dual carriageway. I knew something was wrong when the vehicle touched the wet slippery mud by the side of the road, which sent it careening from one side of the road to the other, uncontrollably. After what appeared to be an eternity, the vehicle finally left the road, still speeding.

By now I had realized that the brakes had failed. I have no idea to this day, how there could have been no oncoming traffic from either side of the very busy road, or how that vehicle had left the road, nor how it had found its way to the base of a huge tree, whose big protruding roots had stopped it. As I sat there so scared, you know I prayed all I knew how to pray! This was a very unsafe place for anyone to be, let alone a woman. Suddenly, I heard voices of men. There were two of them; in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. I knew then that it was over for me. To my great surprise, they were very friendly: “Hey madam, we see you’re stuck in the mud”, one of them said. “Yes”, I replied. “Ok”, he said. “Switch on the vehicle, we’ll try and push you back on to the road”. And pushed me and the vehicle back to the road, they did. But to my greatest surprise again, they refused the money I gave them as a gesture of my appreciation, nor did they accept my offer to drop them off to where they were going. “We’re just about home”, they said, “We live just around here in the village”. And on their way they went. Now, I knew the road in and out and there was no village around there. Who were these people? I concluded they were my angels. And yes, the vehicle brakes worked as soon as I was back on the road.

I witnessed another angel who gave me bus fare one evening after work and saved me from walking home for about 7 miles, when my daughter was only 3 months old. Almost 30 years ago, I still remember what James did for me. That 10 shillings meant a world of difference. He too refused I pay him back.

During the el nino rains when traffic came to a standstill in Nairobi, I was dropped off at the bus stop around midnight. I had prayed all along in the mini bus for God to provide an angel to escort me home. As unreal as this may sound, when I alighted, there alighted with me a man, who walked with me up to the gate of our compound. I had a spot light which he borrowed from me, promising to leave it with the neighbors for me to pick it up the following day. He said he was going to visit someone just beyond where we lived. I thought it strange that he would be visiting at such a late hour, but Oh well. I went the following day to the neighbors to ask if someone had left the spot light there, but no one had. It may appear normal to someone else, but that had been an angel as I had prayed.

Another night going home from visiting my dad at about 9pm with my daughter and young grandson, we had a tire puncture. I know how to change tires, but it was scary, and I was trembling and sweating as I unscrewed the tire nuts. Suddenly I saw approaching us a young man, just as I was struggling to lift the tire to fix it in the rim. “Let me help you madam”, he said. I was so scared and he knew it. “Don’t be scared”, he said. “I will not harm you, I will just help you to change the tire”. He too refused any money or the offer to be dropped off to where he went. Another angel for me.  

I cannot even tell of the many instances that I have missed motor vehicle collisions by a whisker. One time I clearly remember I felt my vehicle pushed sideways to make room for an oncoming vehicle that wasn’t going to stop. Then there was the Immigration Judge who overruled my own attorney that wanted me deported, and showed me favor by extending time for my case so that I got the documents the court needed. Angels all around us.

It may not be easy to tell, but if we are keen enough, we will see the trail of angels in our lives, especially if we believe in God because He cannot lie when He says in Psalms 34: 7: “The angel of the Lord encamps around them that fear him and delivers them”.

Next time something happens that may not be as planned, just remember that it might be an angel, there to protect you. We are well taken care of, even though it might not be apparent.

Let us continue taking care of one another for we are all one. 

Let us strive to be happy; it is Still a Beautiful World!

Susan Wambui,

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Senior Columnist

Kenyan Parents In USA

Deputy Secretary General C.O.D.U.

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