Another Kenyan Bites The Dust”Nothing more than drug dealers:’ Gynecologist, pharmacists plead guilty to running pill mill.


“No hurry to riches keep working legally and you will still fulfil your American dream”

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ATLANTA — A former Atlanta gynecologist and two former pharmacists have pleaded guilty to federal charges involving a pill mill.

Prosecutors say Dr. Anthony Mills had been writing prescriptions for opioids, like oxycodone, morphine and Percocet, to drug dealers and addicts he never treated. They say some of the prescriptions he wrote were in the names of people whose had their identities stolen or had died.

Once the “patients” got their prescription from Mills’ home, they would get it filled at one of two pharmacies owned by licensed pharmacist Raphael Ogunsusi, federal prosecutors alleged. They say Ogunsusi knew that Mills’ prescriptions were not legitimate and were too large to be considered “medically appropriate,” but filled them anyway.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes knocked on the door of Mills’ southwest Atlanta home after it was raided in December 2021. He did not answer. Neighbors said he moved out after the raid.

“It was a catastrophe that morning,” neighbor Corey Blowe told her. “It was like military-type federal agents and what not. They came and you just heard the sirens blaring and they pulled up right there with their big tanker truck.”

Federal prosecutors say that Ogunsusi accepted large payments for filling the prescriptions. He would receive up to $900 for one oxycodone prescription and $500 for one Percocet prescription. He also altered computer records to show he was charging market prices for the medication.

They say Ogunsusi also made those getting illegal prescriptions filled purchase another bottle of non-controlled substances that he called the “Shebang.”

In addition to the pill mill charges, Ogunsusi pleaded guilty to money laundering after he bought an airplane using the proceeds from the illegal drug sales.

Pharmacist Moses Kirigwi and sponsors Brittany Tinker and Keandre Bates pleaded guilty to conspiring with Mills and Ogunsusi. Charges are pending against eight more defendants.

Mills is scheduled to be sentenced on February 7, 2023. Kirigwi and Bates will be sentenced on February 6, 2023.

Sentencing dates have not been set for Ogunsusi or Tinker.


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