Anxiety Spreads Across The Globe As All Awaits The Results Of America Presidential Elections.


Reported by Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

For The Diaspora Times Newspaper.

The 5th and 6th of November 2020, are two days that will remain memorable in the minds of many people when all across the globe, anxiously watched and waited in anticipation for the outcome of the America 2020 Presidential race.

Though many Americans went to the polls on 4th of November to vote on the last day not only for President, but many other representatives in the Senate, congress, and still other State seats, the most important was the Presidential race as all others are somehow ignored.

The race between Donald Trump, and the former Vice President during Obama’s rule running as a Democrat, Joe Biden, was a race many will remember in the American history.

The whole country however, was gripped with tension as the republicans, were swearing retaliation to Democrats if Joe Biden, is to be declared the winner and fear of a civil war is eminent.

The Fox News Decision Desk by Wednesday evening, had concluded that former Vice President Joe Biden, had won Arizona which was a key battleground state in the 2020 presidential election, but other news outlets felt that it was to early to call.

The decision was however not being accepted by networks that are pro Trump but later, the associated press, came up with similar results thus making two media outlets, to early call Arizona, for Biden but all other outlets, considered it too early to call.

The whole World this time, is closely watching the country considered to uphold  Democracy and to strictly adhere to the rule of law, but it remain to be seen how they will handle the same this time, if the election outcome, end up in favor of Joe Biden.

Trump had already by Tuesday night, declared victory even before all the votes were counted while all news outlets were showing Joe Biden on the lead with 238 electoral college against Donald Trump, who had 214.

By Wednesday night, Joe Biden was still leading with 264 electoral college against Trump, who still had 214.

The Trump administration, was greatly criticized by Joe Biden during Presidential debates due to the manner in which it handled the COVID-19 pandemic that has so far claimed the lives of over 240,000 Americans, with 9.5 million reported cases of those affected.

The huge number, was entirely blamed on Trump refusal to close the country or put curfew when the epidemic, was at its highest level of infection and many have died mostly due to meetings and gatherings in open public places like recreation parks, and coastal beaches that attracts many people.

The campaigns, have also not spared attendants and there have been many COVID-19 cases associated with public large gatherings mostly held by Trump, and all in defiance of the warnings of wearing masks during such.

The death of many black people by police like the recent case of George Floyd, may also have played a major role due to the manner the President handled the cases especially Minnesota, to quell the demonstrations that erupted.

The black lives matter and other movements may also have influence many people who joined them in condemning racism and many republicans were for Biden this time.

There are likelihood of violent demonstrations erupting in the major States that can swing votes in favor of Donald Trump and the announcement of final results may be delayed until all the votes are counted. There is a likelihood of court battles and votes recount and we may never know the Presidential winner till next year late January.

Votes are still being counted in key battleground states in the race between President Donald Trump, and former Vice President Joe Biden and the final outcome, too early to call as we went to press.

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