How many times have any of you read or heard this verse quoted in time of distress or a situation?

Well, my guess is many especially to those who read the Word regularly or to those who are the Bible scholars.

My brothers and sisters in Christ my testimony will bring right to those who never connected with these simply put words of Romans 8:28 verse. Before. I too had read them several times from some various Bible verses that are available to me but they had not sunk in until when my Heavenly father removed the block from my mind.

This happened after I had suffered Brain Aneurysm and I was going through everything about the life I had known and finding who I was in this new life and the journey I had before the ailment and it all came clear to me without a doubt and the followings stories and events made it certified.

                                  I:911 Survivors.

I had heard some survivors of the  911 narrates what had taken place that fateful morning that delayed them from getting to work on time, or some who never went all together or to those who changed their minds from flying to driving. Each person had something unusual happen that fateful morning removing them from the vicinity.

                                2: 10 CHOIR MEMBERS

This one,  I had read from a Christian daily devotion of which I’m not able to remember but the story stuck with me. This is the glimpse of the story. There were 10 choir ladies who for ten years have been meeting in the basement of a church every Saturday for choir practice on time and without failing. And one day, one of the choir members was late due to lack of a babysitter. Disappointed and beating herself for being late and thinking that she had failed her faithful members she had gone despite being late to apologize only to find smoke and what was left of the church building because their side was no more. Shocked and distraught that all her beloved choir members have perished in the building one by one they appeared. Apparently, unknown to either of them they too had an issue that same time causing them to be late.was what was thought to be an inconvenient become a life-saving moment for all of them?

                              3: MY OWN EXPERIENCE.

Now, this my personal story. On the 11th of December 2012, I woke up, as usual, to get to the elderly patient I was caring for. Anyway, upon stepping out of the bed, I felt stiffness at the back of my head. Thinking I may have slept wrong, I proceeded to get ready for work. But I soon realized I couldn’t raise my head up. Scared, I got out of the bathroom but I couldn’t get back to bed but I had made it to the bedroom floor.where my husband found me and after taking my blood pressure, he called 911 within minutes they arrived and took me to the hospital on the route, they inserted IV line but upon getting to the hospital they were advised to get me out the Garney and put me in the waiting room where the paramedics who  had escorted me signed for me and he had found a seat right in the front of the waiting room full of patients where I sat and waited.

Now, the situation had gotten more wield when the triage nurse asked him to remove the IV from my hand and although he disagreed with her, he did and apologized to me,

Fellow brethren, I’m getting you all to see how All come to me that Heavenly Father gives us the assurance that “All things work for good’

 Shortly after the paramedic left, as I was sitting there waiting to be called and for my husband to come after dropping the children to school, when I felt like a blunt objects hit me from the back twice falling to the floor. There was a commotion that made  the triage nurse come out, finding me on the floor, motioned and demanded that I follow her, unfortunately, I couldn’t get up, I tried and tried to get up but my legs couldn’t budge and no one is helping me and then, it came like a whisper to me “crawl, crawl”,  I crawled to the triage cubicle and was relieved to stop moving because at this time I was not only breathless but a feeling of dreadfulness had taken over me. And the rest is another testimony for another day.

Now see this. 1: If they had left me in the gurney, they wouldn’t have helped me in time 2: also, if I had found the seat in the back of the waiting room it would have not only been difficult to crawl too far but also I would have made it, on time. 3: if the Iv was left in also when I fell it would have pierced my arteries causing more damage or worse. Therefore, no matter how you look at it, the verse becomes a reality for me. Did all the above take place for me to see the true meaning of ‘All Things Work For Good” or my mind playing tricks with me, you be the judge, But for me, God walked with me to show me what He is saying to us in Romans 8:28. As I wondered why did these ladies be late this particular day the church exploded due to gas leak while they were always on time, or why those few survivors had unusual things happen to them to be late, or to miss work or in my case, why all the injustices and mistreat at the hospital?

                   MY CONCLUSIONS.

Brothers and sisters, when things don’t play how we want them to, we have to be grateful to the father because after all, we pray for protection, Our Heavenly Father protect us at all cost and “ALL things do work for good” no matter how painful and injustice they may seem and that when the Romans 8:28 Become meaningful to me.

My dear brothers and sisters, I leave you with this. Take comfort in knowing that your Creator loves you and He will protect you at all cost until you fulfill the purpose He created you for.  

You all Be greatly blessed

Your sister in Christ

Domiscilla Wagner,

Inspiration Contributor

Kenyan Parents in USA

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    • Yes. There is nothing happenes without a reason. In Celestine prophecy, Will the main character states that "coincendences are not but messages intended only for the the receiver.


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