Article #6: Politics, Prayers, and Providence


Politics, Prayers, and Providence/By Rev. Wambui Njoroge, M.Sc.

Article #6: Politics, Prayers, and Providence

Politics: Hooray! What a political season that was! This vicious cycle of electing a president will be repeated in 2027. Politicians know well that they do not make permanent friends, nor permanent enemies. Or have permanent parties, except the ones that help them win at any cost. No one should be shocked when winners who are MCAs and governors keep switching their allegiance from party to party. It is expected. The Citizens are the recipients of the outcome of 2022 elections. They will bear the cost of maintaining the winner at the State House.  The test for maturity in democracy is when there is success in peaceful campaigns, fair and credible election, results, speedy judicial recourse when needed, and the seamless transition of power. When this happens, citizens can applaud with calm confidence.

Recap from Article #5: 4 Tips on Achieving Post Elections Peace, Truth, and Justice.  

  1. The seated president will agree to oversee the peaceful transition of power for the sake of the nation.
  2. The candidate who has lost will accept defeat for the sake of the nation.  Kumbuka asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani.
  3. In presidential democracy, the winner takes all – call it tyranny of numbers. The winner will be expected to unite the divided nation and continue to spearhead the national 2030 Agenda.
  4. Justice and truth – for any petition filed, the nation must allow the judiciary to work. “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” MLK Jr.

Prayers: In the first article, there was an outline of praying for elections strategically, non-partisan prayers with 47 wonderful people county by county. I sent a prayer call request -in various platforms. 45 Women from Kenya, UK, and the US signed up. Only 2 men signed up-1 from FL, and a Bishop from Kenya. So, I came up with a quote, “For Go does nothing except when women get together and pray-(Wambui Njoroge-2022©).  Individuals were requested to pray with The Lord’s Model Prayer in Matthew 6:6-13. For the Will of God to be done on earth-as it is already done in heaven.  Each of the 47 people signed up to pray for ONE county/except their country of residence or birth. The ministry of PUSSH (Pray Until Something Supernatural Happens) leads in strategic prayers for nations. The second article highlighted the difference between theocracy and democracy. Some people felt quite disappointed because Kenya is not a theocracy, but a presidential democracy. The 4th Article addressed Prayer, Politics and Prophesy, and urged citizens to follow prayers with their positive actions of acting and participating in political activities. Of course, we know that participatory politics take place when people govern themselves to the greatest extent of the established laws. Article #5 shared how the nation can maintain post-election peace and avoid violence. Say No to the shedding of the innocent blood of our youth. Hopefully, the political process followed the 2010 Constitution). So, how can a Christian confess to have prayed and voted according to God’s will?  Since Kenya is a Christian nation, the type of democracy practiced encourages prayer and providence. In addition, even those who adhere to African Traditional Religions, and our Muslim brethren, inherently believe in praying to One God (Supernatural being) who rules and reigns over the affairs of nations. All believe that God indeed speaks through (a) His Word. (b) Divinely inspired ministers. (c) Corporate fellowship, or with the majority. (d) Providential means.

Providence: denotes that when it comes to human destiny, there must be divine guidance.  Therefore, our actions are not mere coincidences in voting. This season, even the chatter about Decision 2022, in social media-Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others is considered as good activities.  All these political activities must be seen as purposive. They acknowledge that God is involved in the affairs of the nation of Kenya. He is guiding and preserving the nation for a divine purpose, and the citizens are a part of His big plan. Therefore, make no mistake – the lives of citizens are not made of meaningless political talks, religious prayers and fasting, and spiritual activities, for example, fasting. It is wonderful to observe that Africans believe that our lives have inspired purpose, and our activities thereof, are divinely and spiritually ordered. This is a strong claim held by men and women who confess they have been saved by Jesus Christ.  Further, Christians proclaim that the Holy Spirit controls our actions to the minute details. Of course, this is also apparent in many other religions that are adhered to by the citizens.

So, what has providence got to do with politics? In Kenya, and most democratic countries like the US it has everything to do with it. Most of the eligible voters have some concept of God and the effects of the spiritual ream upon their lives. The largest number in the population have adherence to Christianity and believe strongly that God is sovereign over all what happens whether spiritual or political. According to the Scripture in Psalm 103:19, “The Lord has established His throne in heaven, And His kingdom rules over all.”  Providence means that Kenyans believe in the protective care and guidance from God as a spiritual power. A God who is always watching over his people, and who is mindful of what is happening around them. Ultimately, according to providence, He is the God who has already decided who will be the next president.  Those citizens who voted, and the judiciary now having heard the petitions are not robots. They were just going along with the divine plan of God. In any case, does God want anyone to be manipulated and controlled. People have been given a free will, the ability to make choices, when it comes to politics.  That being the case, many believe that God has the destiny of the nation in His hands.  It does matter who will be the president. Rather, according to prayers and providence it is already a done deal. According to many Christians, one can never divorce the reality that, “Promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west nor from the South. But God is the judge: he puts down one and exalts another.” (Psalm 75:6-7). NKJV. Whoever becomes the president, will in the end be accepted by 50.1% of the population as being the perfect will of God.

As religious folks then, we tend to view the outcome of elections as an act of Divine Intervention-an Act of God. We see God’s intervention in the elections, no matter what one studies, research or thinks, or imagine. When results are viewed this way, it is much easier to see the country embracing something between democracy and providence. Yet we are not able to comprehend why one candidate is not liked and the other one is not liked. Citizens who voted, have already concluded in their minds that when their candidate wins, that reflects God’s perfect will. Does it, or is it the people’s permissive will? There is nothing inherently wrong with God giving citizens their will. Is there? You be the judge.

International Acceptance: The interest that other nations show in the democratic process adhered to by Kenya speaks volumes about the leadership at the top. Foreign nations and friends of Kenya have their loyalty with their own governments. At the end of the judiciary ruling, they will easily become friends, with whoever is in power. Just like our politicians, they do not make permanent friends or enemies.

Elections have consequences. Citizens and politicians agree that political decisions are costly, and they come with serious consequences. The impact and the effects of political decisions made this year, will be felt many years to come.  So, what happens when citizens affirm that the elected president is a Christian or not? Supposing that president becomes corrupted by power? Did we forget we had a Sunday School Teacher, a Church attending president, Hon. Moi-RIP-who ended up being a dictator? Have we forgotten that Kenya was once a British Colony? That Britain sent both government and missionaries too. Have scholars not warned and ascertained that, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Action Quote).  The nation voted for a politician, who will be seated at the most powerful position in the nation-That is surely The True Face of Kenya. The vote was not for a public preacher with a pulpit and a podium. It was for a politician.  Pamoja – let’s allow time to be a better judge than our predictions.

 Resources: Notes from Articles Lets’ talk about politics… #1-6.

Scriptures Quotations are from the New King James Version unless otherwise indicated.

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