By Arch Dr. D.K. Gitau- The Diaspora Times.

Kenyans will eventually feel a sense of identity and belonging after a proposed Kenyan Diaspora City recently revealed by Bishop Dr. G.G. Gitahi of KACC Church in Marietta, comes to reality.

The proposed City named “Majuu Bomas of Atlanta” will be on an initial estimated 1000-plus acres, preferably in Cartersville or Douglasville.

The Bishop disclosed to the Diaspora Times that one could decide to buy multiple shares and sell the same at a later date and also be able to buy more oversized parcels, e.g., ¼  ½ or even an acre. While talking to this writer, the Bishop commented, “The elderly can at least have a permanent home in America instead of retiring back to Kenya, where they have no children to visit.”

He further disclosed that the City will have shops and business opportunities like saloons, barber shops, banks, restaurants among many other amenities.

There will also be a designated area for retirees with unique facilities incorporated.

It will also have a high-end area with golf and other recreational facilities like a clubhouse.

The members will initially pay a deposit of $1,200, and the balance of $1,800 is to be paid by the end of May, 2023.

The members will raise a further $15,000 for infrastructure, landscape, and other utilities within six years.

In the seventh year, buildings will commence around 2030 (vision 2030), and it is expected that investors will engage in reasonably affordable mortgage rates.

 Those interested may start paying their deposit to KACC (Kenyan America Community Church), located at 771 Elberberta Dr. Marietta, Georgia 30066, or by calling KACC Tel. 7704270555 OR for Accounts Mr. Kaimenyi Tel 6786131288 for more clarification.

It is expected that Kenyans will eventually be able to put up high-end designed homes per designed Architectural plans to maintain uniformity.

The Kenyan City will have a community hall, children’s play area, and other recreation facilities and, in the end, attract other investors like Walmart, and health facilities, including Schools.

The project is not limited to only Georgia residents; but all Kenyans in the USA are welcome.

The Kenyan City will not only offer accommodation- but it will give identity while maintaining Kenyan culture so that the generation we are raising here in America can have a place to call home.

Let us all embrace this man of God well-thought vision so that we can eventually leave our footprints in this great Nation where all dreams are valid.

The Jews arrived in this country with nothing, and today they control America; and if we borrow their example and note the tremendous potential Kenyans possess, the sky is the limit statement could be an understatement…yes.. we can go beyond… so let’s do it.

We fail because we do not try!

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