Leaders have nothing else do for Kenyans and are now looking for all ways and means to show Kenyans how comfortable and wealthy they are.

Sonko went to the extreme after carrying all his earthly possession to a media house and used all his airtime showing and explaining trivial details of how he got his posh beach plots and other properties.

He happens not to be alone in that simpleton bragging race as his counterpart in Kiambu Ferdinand Waititu did the same not so long ago.

They parade their wealth not knowing that the premises that they sit on are owned by other filthy rich Kenyans that walk in the streets with saddles or at times barefoot.

It’s arrogance taken to another level and just to show how empty headed those leaders are as Kenyans want to listen to their development records and not what they own.

Kenyans should now focus to the next general election and do away with all leaders that have nothing to offer to the common man for all they think is only their welfare.

It would have been wise for Sonko to help not far away a school in Ganze whose student use stone to sit while they listen to their teachers who equally stand on floods while teaching.

These leaders are not helping President Uhuru either as they parade their much grabbed land they cheat Kenyans that they bought and probably out of the many titles only a few are genuine.

That trend of show off should be condemned as Kenyans are not interested in their wealth and all they care for is service delivery.

Jean Kamau


Kenyan Parents in USA

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