Breaking News: Diaspora National Assembly Calls For Urgent Referendum Talks In Kenya.


Diaspora National Assembly (DNA), a Diaspora body that mirrors

the Kenyan National Assembly, whose representation spurns across the

United States ,Europe , Canada and Asia and whose main objective is to

deliberate on issues affecting our country Kenya, have urged the Kenya Government to immediately commence on referendum talks without further delay.

The motion on the referendum that was introduced through their Whatsapp site and unanimously passed with many terming it just as Martin Luther King put it “the fiercest urgency of now’’. was seen by many as the right thing to do.

Members of the DNA recommended that a constitution that has the mandate of all Kenyans is the best as opposed to the current one enacted through Parliament resulting to many shortfalls.

The referendum must move to all corners of Kenya and also in the Diaspora to present their views.  The same should not be limited to sharing of posts but all issues that affect the Diaspora like service delivery and being able to vie for public posts as dual citizens.

The referendum should cover even legal matters that affect those in Diaspora and are unable to travel due to the distance. In that respect, and considering that we are in the age of great technological expertise, courts should allow video charts conferencing and cases finalized while one is still in the Diaspora.

Diaspora can pull strings while many miles away and as such they should be made part of some Government decision making.

We as Diaspora have to give back to our motherland to reduce the current brain drain and we strongly feel that we can lobby for Governments posts without discrimination of status so long as one is a Kenyan citizen by birth.

It’s a high time we stop being regarded as a springboard for propaganda and start creating a platform that formulate and float ideas that can help our motherland.

Our remittances should reflect who we are and the same made to impact the economy if properly directed.

We may be remitting billions but if the same is not pumped back to the economy, it will yield nothing and just be like hiding treasure on the ground.

In that referendum we propose that The Diaspora should get a standalone ministry of Diaspora affairs just like most of Asian Tigers have, with emphasis to grow, maintain and develop Kenyan culture abroad with government services available to the Kenyan citizens within their jurisdictions and not compounded by or at foreign missions.

The Ministry should be headed by individuals currently living or lived in the Diaspora.

In conclusion, Diaspora must focus on our direct involvement to the process but not seen as spectators or observers. Our physical involvement in the BBI and the referendum we are proposing must include Diaspora members in the secretariat or in the task force that will be formed.






President of DNA- Hon. Architect Dr. D.K. Gitau-Alias Mr. Dee

Deputy President and leader of task force at DNA-Hon Professor Luke Nyatiki

Speaker Of the Diaspora National Assembly – Hon. Kuira Kabiru

Leader of Business CS at DNA and 254 Liaison Ambassador – Hon Alex Karundu

Official DNA Chaplain and Mentor Hon. Rev Dr. Penny Njoroge

Chief Whip and Secretary General at DNA-Hon. Albert Musasia

Education and Sports Affairs CS DNA- Hon. Prof. Jerono Rotich

Diaspora Ministry and CODU Affairs- DNA- Hon. Dr.Constance Mugalla

Sergeant at Arms and Diaspora Policies at DNA Hon. Silvester Mokaba

Diaspora Ministry and Gender Affairs at DNA- Hon Edith Kariuki

Women Ministry and Publicity CS at DNA-Hon. Lucy Karuri

Youth Affairs Ministry and Immigration CS at DNA- Hon. Bob Mwiti

Leader of Majority, publicity and Diaspora 2030 Agenda CS –Hon Mutuma Kailimba

Diaspora Interior Affairs and Security CS- Hon Jack Gatume

Diaspora Ministry Of Health CS- Hon Peninah Ndungu

Diaspora Foreign Affairs and Deportation Ministry CS- Hon Joe Mungai

Diaspora Devolution Ministry to liaise with State Assemblies CS- Hon Alex Momanyi

Diaspora Ministry of Information and State Diaspora Co-ordination CS-Hon Lily Mwelu Meyer.

Diaspora Ministry of Trade CS-Vacant

Total Active Members of Diaspora National Assembly for 254-176


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