Breaking News: Diaspora National Assembly To Honor Kenyans Each Year During Madaraka Day With State Medals Similar To Those Awarded In Kenya.

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The Diaspora National Assembly that mirrors the Kenya National Assembly, will in each year during Madaraka day celebrations, be running parallel ceremonies to those in Kenya to honor Kenyans in the Entire Diaspora with flashy medals.

The various Governors in the DNA states who will officiate Madaraka ceremonies from their Diaspora Assemblies, will read the DNA President address transcript and thereafter, the names of recipients.

The medals will be similar but with more value than those given to people in Kenya who at times don’t deserve… and the decision at DNA was arrived at after noting that people in Diaspora are usually left out.

This was announced by the President of Diaspora National Assembly (DNA) who told the writer and I quote “Diaspora people have been neglected for too long and we shall no longer watch as jokers and those that don’t deserve, are decorated with medals”.

Dr. D.K Gitau provided the writer with a summarized report of the medals which will be as follows:

EDGH- Meaning Elder of Diaspora Golden Heart.- Highest Award

EDBS- Elder of Diaspora Burning Spear.

1st Class- Chief Order Of Diaspora Golden Heart (D.G.H.)

2nd Class – Elder of the Diaspora Golden Heart 254 (E.D.G.H)

3rd Class – Moran of Diaspora Golden Heart 254 (M.D.G.H)

The Order of Diaspora Burning Spear(D.B.S)

1st Class – Chief of Diaspora  Burning Spear (C.D.B.S.)

2nd Class – Elder of Diaspora  Burning Spear (E.D.B.S.)

3rd Class – Moran of Diaspora Burning Spear (M.D.B.S.)

The Order of the Grand Warrior of Diaspora.

The Distinguished Conduct Order In Diaspora.

The Distinguished Service Medal To People In Diaspora.

The Silver Star of Diaspora.

The medals will be purely on merit and offered to deserving men and women involved in promoting the welfare of their fellow Kenyans in the Diaspora wherever they may be.

The ceremony will be coordinated via Skype and those receiving will get the medal a day before the Ceremony.



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