Breaking News! Diaspora Party For Peace And Democracy(PPD) Officially Registered In Kenya



Fellow Diasporians!
Our long and unusual journey began on Saturday June 29, 2019 with the creation of the Congress for People’s Democracy CPD. On that day all I was thinking about was creating an organisation to lobby the leadership of my home county, Kitui and it is no wonder that the original name of the party was Voice of Kitui, originally made up of my classmates and fellow alumni of St Charles Lwanga School Kitui and Kyome Boys School. These guys have remained the steadfast diehards and pioneers of this vision up to this day.

As time wore on I realised that being a lobby group was not going to solve our problems in our county Kitui in particular and our country Kenya in general. I thought long and hard and decided to bring the Kenyan diaspora onboard and immediately changed the vision from creating a lobby organisation to creating the first ever Diaspora Party of Kenya.

As expected my vision was met with scepticism, cynicism, vicious criticism and outright scorn. Many asked me what made me think I could pull off registering a party in Kenya, a process that requires not less than Kshs 10 million. I was reminded that many in diaspora had tried and failed and that I was not going to be an exception. The negativity was so harsh that I actually thought I was crazy or something. I mean my vision was so crystal clear and the path to success so practical why would there be so many naysayers?

Then I drew my strength and belief from those few who saw and understood what I was trying to achieve. They buoyed me to keep going and not give up. They kept their faith in me and I kept mine in them and the Almighty God. I said my prayers as a devout Christian and left the rest to my saviour!

Today, exactly 769 days we have received the Certificate of Full Registration of the Party for Peace and Democracy PPD. Yes I know we started off as Voice of Kitui, then Democratic Congress Kenya DCK, then Congress for People’s Democracy CPD and now finally we got our registration as PARTY FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY PPD.

This is one of the proudest days of my life and I want to share it with all those who kept the faith and stood with me at the most trying moments. We went through trials and tribulations together and we came out victorious.

My heart and thoughts go out to our fallen hero Young Eagle Nicholus Kiiti. I know you’re looking down on us celebrating this moment with the angels in heaven! You created all those CPD Party forums and I will forever be grateful. Rest in Power Nick we have finally done it (RIP)

Ladies and gentlemen I think we can all proudly say we have been to the top of the mountain and our eyes have seen the glory of God! What happens from here now depends on all of us. We have created the largest Kenyan Diaspora Movement in history.

The finishing line is 2022 on the ballot box where we are all together going to vote to let change happen. Yes we are all going to vote to create and establish Diaspora County48 Kenya. We are going to vote to eradicate theft, graft, corruption and tribalism. We are going to vote for a Kenya for the many but not the few. We are going to do all this and many other things because we are stronger together and Together We Can!

I will unveil the PPD Party leadership on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Today we celebrate!

Many many thanks

Bernard Kavyu
PPD Party Leader

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