Breaking News!!! Men And Women Of Great Faith Dominate Cabinet In Western States Diaspora National Assembly (DNA)


The Western States DNA Assembly was opened today Feb 22nd 2020, by the newly nominated Governor, the Most Rev. Dr. Archbishop Steven Njenga of Seattle.

The Charismatic man of God together with his team members, came up with a cabinet that is comprised of men and women of great faith. These are Kenyans who are determined and focused to make the great vision of uniting the Diaspora a reality. Kenyans must unite to solve their problems as a united Disapora but not a fragmented lot who cannot agree on a common course. The Diaspora can also influence the politics of Kenya if all can speak with one voice. The DNA aims at working closely to the Government and be part of the decision makers at the high table.

Dr. Steven Njenga is a focused man who surprised many after being the first Kenyan to open a Christian University in Seattle called NORTHWEST INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SEMINARY at NICS.
The western States DNA Assembly is now fully devolved from the central Government DNA and members will be debating and coming up with suggestions and resolutions that will be forwarded to Kenya Government for consideration.

This is a vision of uniting the entire Diaspora so that Kenyans can speak with one voice. It was was founded by Architect Dr D.K. Gitau of Atlanta Georgia who during its inauguration said that he will not rest until the Kenyan Government fully recognize the Kenyans living in Diaspora. “Kenyans are not even recognized during the awarding of State medals and DNA will be running parallel ceremonies during Madaraka day to recognize them with even more superior medals” He said in his address speech read to DNA members spread all over the world.

There are still 3 more Provinces or DNA states to be opened soon and they are Eastern States, Central States, and Coast States and all will have a devolved form of Government.

The full DEVOLVED Western States DNA cabinet is as follows.

Governor- Archbishop Dr. Stephen Njenga
Deputy Governor.

Speaker of National Assembly.

Sergeant at arms and Assembly Control
CS- Foreign affairs &  Diaspora Documentation
CS- Immigration & Registration of Persons
CS- Trade, & Diaspora Investments
CS- Interior &  Embassy Policies
CS- Sports, Cultural & Social Services.
CS- Tourism And Exchange Programs
CS- Diaspora Empowerment and Awards
CS- Education and International Programs
CS- Diaspora Health Awareness and Permits Co-ordinator
CS- Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
Head of Diaspora Affairs and Secretary to the Cabinet.

Official Chaplain

Women Rep-3

State Reps- 2 in each State

Jean Kamau Phd

Senior Columnist

Kenyan Parents In USA

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