Bring Back The Lost Glory Of Nairobi By Simply Asking Instigator Mike Sonko To Resign And Run It Through A Commission. DNA Global President Tells President Uhuru


The wrangles at Nairobi County will not yield  any meaningful continuous development of the City and will eventually lead to a total failure of services delivery. The same should be disbanded immediately and replaced with a commission comprising of seasoned civil servants working full time at the City hall without any interferance.

The MCA’s should immediately stop interfering with the running of the same, no more assemblies, and all sent home to continue with their personal errands until fresh elections are called.

The running of the City do not need the help of semi elite politicians but the same, should revert to being run entirely by a Commission to ensure that all service deliveries reach the people intended.

The supremacy battles taking place and chest thumping, is a hindrance to the smooth running of the County and wrangles will continue as MCA’s are divided and have no effective leader to solve the stalemate.

The MCAs have been engaged in supremacy wars over the control of the assembly after the resumption in office by the Speaker Elachi.

The wrangles  have escalated after the Clerk Jacob Ngwele was sent home on a one-month compulsory leave and barred from accessing his office.

Mr Guyo and Minority Leader Elias Otieno were removed from the assembly board and replaced by Mr Thuo who maintained that he was elected by a majority of Jubilee MCAs and termed Mr Guyo an “imposter”.

Replacement of same people will not solve anything as all the City needs now, is a consultant like minded individual who can run the same without always blaming cartels which are a formation of the same people working at the City hall offices.

To assist the new leader to effectively run the affairs of the City, it may require total overhaul of existing personnel as they are the ones behind all the wrangles in order to defend the so called cartels.

The Cartels are simply the suppliers and contractors who get contracts through the back door and not through an efficient tendering system.

The City should be subjected to scrutiny by a Central tender board that will not necessarily be run by those at City Hall, but it can be through the Ministry concerned with tenders.

The City has lost its glory and the same can be attributed to electing a Governor who has no knowledge of how the Government institution works.

This has resulted to the chaos now happening and there should be a review in future elections to make it mandatory for Governors to have served as civil servants or consultants in blue chip companies.

That is the only way to have effective counties all over the country other than voting popular politicians with no knowledge of running big Government institutions.

Sonko could be a popular Governor, but efficiency in implementing Development, is not determined by how popular a person is, but how knowledgeable he or she is in running a Government entity expected to deliver essential services.

That was the reason why Sonko had to collide with the Knowledgeable Igathe who had worked in successfully run institutions and could not fit as deputy to someone who had no experience in running an institution.

Politics is not an ingredient of running County Governments but the same, needs knowledgeable individuals who are  capable of offering value judgment but not try the same through intimidation.

It takes more than being a dormitory head in a prison, more than being a prefect in a low rated school, more than being a gangster to effectively run a County Government.

The likes of Sonko boasting of their petty criminal past infamous leadership, should do the Nairobians a great favor by resigning to give room to a more serious person who can bring back the lost Glory we once knew during the times of Mayor Andrew Ngumba, Magic Mwangi  or even Wambui Kenyatta among others.

The earlier this childish instigator individual leave the scene, the better for that is the moment we shall all see sanity resume back at Nairobi County Government.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National assembly For 254

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