Building Collapses In Kakamega, Many People Trapped In Debris


Are There Laws In Kenya Or Just Jungle Laws?

The Local Government (Adoptive By-Laws) (Building) Order 1968 has clear guidelines that stipulates the approval process of all public and private buildings.

No person shall elect a building without getting approvals from the local authorities and in the case of Nairobi from the County Government.

In recent years there has been many cases of building collapsing and in the process, killing very many people and one wonders where the people given the mandate to ensure that all building are constructed in conformity to the building bye laws, really do care about people’s lives.

The Government should now take serious action on anyone contravening the building Byelaws and give notice to offenders to remove such structures or face conviction.

We here quote a summary

Erection of buildings. 3. (1) A person who erects a building or develops land or changes the use of a building or land, or who owns or occupies a building or land shall comply with the requirements of these By-laws. (2) For the purpose of these By-laws any of the following operations shall be deemed to be the erection of a building- (a) the re-erection of any building or part of a building when an outer wall of that building or, as the case may be, that part of such building has been pulled down, burnt or damaged; (b) the roofing over of any open space; (c) the alteration or extension of a building; (d) the erection, alteration or extension of a chimney shaft (e) changing of the use or uses to which land or a building is put; (f) increasing of the use or uses to which land or a building is put; (g) the carrying out of any drainage work; (h) the installation of any fittings to which by-laws 143 to 149 or by-laws 167 to 179 of these By-laws refer; (i) the formation or laying out of an access to a plot; (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in these By-laws these By-laws shall not apply in the case of areas scheduled by the council, with the approval of the Minister by notice in the Gazette, and the areas so scheduled shall be subject to either the Local Government (Adoptive By-laws) (Grade II Building) Order 1968 by by-law 12 of these By-laws as specified in the Notice. (L.N.16/1969)





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