Many businesses in Nairobi are owned by Kikuyus because of the proximity of the surrounding areas which are inhabited by Kikuyus. Businesses in all the big towns in Kenya are owned by the inhabitants of the areas  surrounding those towns. Businesses in Eldoret, Mombasa, Machakos, Kisii, Kakamega, Narok, Kisumu, Kitui, Nyeri, Garisa, Nyamira, Sugoi, Kapenguria, Turkana and other towns in Kenya,  are owned by the people living around those towns.
It is always common and in accordance with the law, that if a complaint is made by Citizens concerning negative effects of a business or businesses, such businesses, if they are already registered under the law, should either be shut down under a court order or if in case of emergency, by an order from the President.It is therefore not surprising to see that every business in Kenya is mostly operated by the individuals who live nearby, and Nairobi is not exceptional. It is therefore not a secrete that the crack down on businesses in Nairobi was aimed at hurting the Kikuyu business people, because there were no complaints by the Kenyan Citizens living around the areas of those businesses.
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Almost all the businesses which are victims of the crack down, belong to the Kikuyus. If it were from the Prayer of the Christians who went last Sunday at State house, for the  shut down of all Bars in all towns in Kenya, Nairobi would not be the only one to suffer the crack down. it should be for all bars in all towns in Kenya. Then why only Nairobi?  Blow after blow, the Kikuyus have started to rip what they sow on August 9, 2022. First it was the Dry Port. Next was the Mau Mau Road, and now is the crack down of their businesses. It is just so soon, and no one knows how far the Kikuyus will be pushed, before the five year term ends.  But there are signs, that by mid next year (2023), most Kikuyus will have tasted the wrath.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Former Secretary General Kenya Civil Servants Union.


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