Do Not Waste Time Signing Miguna Miguna’s petition


A Kenyan Diaspora leader Mr.D.K Gitau is campaigning against signing a petition to “stop the exile of Kenyan born human rights leader Miguna Miguna” See the message here below:

People loose passports all the time and apply new ones in order to enable them to travel, as it is the only acceptable document allowed by international airlines. This loud mouth want us to sympathize with him by mentioning court orders which are against the constitution and only have meaning to a few people.

Can the learned friend Mr.Miguna Miguna approach the High commission in Canada to apply for dual Citizen as we are all bound by the 2010 constitution. It is not only him but all that have acquired Citizenship of another country, have to declare or regain in order to be dual Citizens.

If the High Commission refuses to process his documents, then we can sign the petition as it is his constitutional rights to have a passport. We need to see a valid Kenyan passport and not the shredded one he keeps talking about as it has already expired.

That is all the Government want in order to facilitate his return as per court order but the same has to be effected once he obtain proper passport or travel documents. There are no human beings on this planet that use their ID on International airlines. Its now the new E-passport as regular ones WILL EXPIRE this February.

Therefore, Mr. Miguna, please stop wasting more time and proceed like yesterday and fill those regaining application as it takes more than a year to be signed and by doing so, you may help the many waiting to have theirs signed by Mr. Matiangi.

D K Gitau,

President: Kenya Parents in USA

President: Diaspora National Assembly

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