Catholic Church Must Walk The Talk On Its Fundraising Policy.



I wish to thank the Deputy President William Ruto for visiting our Embu County last Sunday and for assisting in raising funds for several churches. These funds will go a long way in helping the churches to complete their various projects.

My attention was drawn to the Catholic Church Wango harambee function where we are told that the Deputy President made a cash contribution amounting to Ksh. 2 million. This surprised me because earlier this year, the Catholic Church came up with a well publicized policy of not accepting any contribution of over Ksh.50,000 in cash. We understood that anything over that amount must be either via a cheque or MPesa accompanied by a cover letter. I wonder as to why the organizers overlooked this policy.

I have the greatest respect for all the churches. The voice of the Catholic Church is powerful and is one that we listen to. For example, when the Pope makes a policy statement, we know that it is a well thought one and has gone through serious internal consultations. I would hate to see the Church’s good name being put into question because of a contradiction to its policy on cash contributions at her fund raising functions. The Church must not encourage the public to speculate as to what may, or may not have gone on behind the scenes as it is not in Church’s best interest. I am confident that the Church will take the right action.

There is no question that the Harambee movement has played a key role in the development of our country in the past, and will continue to do so, under proper regulations.

Joe Nyagah is a former Minister of Cooperative Development and Marketing in Kenya’s grand coalition government.


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