Chaos In Githurai Were Fueled By Politicians.


By Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi for The Diaspora Times

Kenyans are normally very peaceful people but when the masses are incited and promised or given money, they can suddenly change and behave like hooligans who can disrupt peace or even kill.

The thugs that disrupted Hon Raila Odinga peaceful meeting at Githurai, were simply hired thugs by his political rivals to disrupt so as to prove to Kenyans that he is not wanted in Central Kenya. The Tanga Tanga team just want to prove that despite his handshake deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta, BBI is not wanted in Central Province.

It may not be the case, as those he had addressed earlier seemed peaceful and attentive to listen to his message which has many fulfilling promises.

After his meetings, there was altercation that lasted almost thirty minutes at Githurai roundabout, where the hired goons, smashed the windscreen of Raila’s men and chased cars while smashing windshields of several media vehicles.

The rowdy crowds chants that interrupted Raila’s daylong BBI education tour, is a clear return and beginning of political violence that is always seen during the electioneering period.

The hired goons numbering over 100, had strategically positioned themselves near Githurai roundabout where Raila was to make his last peaceful address and they wanted the same not to happen as incited by their evil minded leaders.

Hon Raila Odinga, had addressed successful rallies at Roysambu, and Githurai market where he expounded the BBI in detail and urged residents to support it and say no to those giving them cheap archaic tools that will not solve their problems.

The densely populated Githurai where mostly the poor live, is the area where aspiring Presidential candidates try to woo and deeply penetrate to gauge and show their might and popularity in Mt. Kenya region as it can attracts huge crowds.

The nominated Senator (once mistaken criminal with a screw driver by FBI in USA), Isaac Mwaura, had a day earlier, met a group in the area and addressed them, while inciting them by cunningly telling them that the proposed visit by Raila, was not welcome and would disrupt businesses.

In a posted video, he is seen swearing to teach unnamed people a lesson, saying they were only going there to shed innocent blood in Githurai.

He is in the video seen excitedly shouting “wheelbarrow wheelbarrow” while mobbed by his exited goons who he is promising stalls in the market under construction and all are seen chanting pro-Ruto and wheelbarrow songs as they dance along the street.

“Guthurai haitamwaga damu kwa sababu ya watu wachache. Mimi sijajua na hakuna mtu yeyote ametuambia na wakileta hivyo tuko tayari kuwaonyesha sisi ndio wenyewe hapa” We shall show them we are the owners of Githurai],” Mwaura had said  in the video.

In his Twitter later after the meeting, he accused ODM of hiring the goons. “Edwin Sifuna and ODM. You hired your goons from Baba Dogo together with Maina Kamanda, TJ Kajwang and Babu Owino to come cause chaos then blame it on others in a very well choreographed scheme,” he said.

“Githurai people are very peaceful and closed their businesses because they knew of your party’s consistent behaviour of violence. Every Kenyan knows that. You cannot fool all people all the time. Githurai ni bedroom ya hustlers.”

The desperate cash trapped Senator just wanted to prove to William Ruto how popular he is in Githurai but his tactics, will not impress any serious Presidential candidate as he should be preaching peace at this time of economic hardship especially in that area.

 He is not alone as all those MPS together with a handful of politician supporting Ruto Presidency, have no development agenda in their mission but only want to introduce a class war to divide Kenyans.

The ‘hustler’ slogan, is associated with Deputy President William Ruto who has made it his campaign slogan to win the masses whom he is promising a seat at the table that supposedly share the wealth of Kenya.

The masses are easy target when promised to be elevated and they are blind to see the impossibility of even coming near to power when it’s all said and done.

The BBI should be interpreted to people peacefully so that they can see what it’s all about as the same, is seeking a long lasting solution to violence that occur immediately after every Presidential election cycle.

The leaders should not engage themselves in inciting poor people but should instead, concentrate on preaching peace and Isaac Mwaura is now proving that he is a criminal as per the FBI guess and they should revisit that case. He has failed his residents by showing them violence and that is not the best way to save his already dented image.

DP William Ruto, too has failed to deliver on the one million job promises to youths and instead is now busy distributing handcarts and wheelbarrows.

 Kenyans should say no to the archaic tools of poverty and instead demand jobs or shown how to be productive to improve their lifestyle and continue contributing to building the economy of Kenya.

 It’s possible to popularize BBI without causing chaos but if leaders start behaving the way the mistaken criminal with a screw driver is doing, it’s mission impossible as chaos will be planned in areas BBI supporters want to visit.

All the same the majority of Kenyans are peaceful and we do hope that the few that are incited with small handouts, will see the light and say no to those using them to cause chaos as in the end they are the losers.  While they get chased on foot and tear-gassed then clobbered with batons, their sponsors will jump into their Prado and retreat to their save glass havens located far away from the slums.

They will later tweet while the poor nurse their wounds and will not get any assistance from the people they assisted achieve their evil missions.

Let us have a peaceful transition and to do so, we must all say no to those giving the poor handouts to cause mayhem.

The man inciting the masses in Githurai should stop those tactics as he may one day find himself holding the same screw driver the FBI were searching and after its done, they will conclude that he was the actual man they were looking for.

Let us have peaceful election period without intimidation or name calling and if possible, stop those rallies and have City hall meetings where candidates will sell their manifesto instead of the usual propaganda.

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