Christians, Politics and Prayers


Article #2

By Rev Mrs. Wambui Njoroge, MS

In a democracy the people who have power to make decisions on our behalf are the ones who have legitimate right. These are the ones that as citizens we vet during the primaries, and eventually vote for on election day. We send the winners to the seat of the government. In other words, if we see short comings in the current administration, we can say that we did it to ourselves. Remember elections have long term consequences. This time, 5 years of our decision making will be tried and tested. Therefore, if we want changes, just as we are responsible for one man/woman vote, we are equally responsible for doing what it takes to bring about desired changes using the same mechanisms of one/woman vote. Instead of spending so much time complaining about the current government, citizens should spend more time and effort to brainstorm for solutions. If you see something you do not like,  come up with solutions to improve on the next government. In other words, whatever issues citizens are complaining about, must be taken seriously. Otherwise, talking loudly and not doing a whole lot to correct the situation does not help.

Citizens believe that the person who wins an election is the one who is liked most, or the one who is young. Seriously, there seems to be a high level of negative rhetoric leveled at more distinguished seniors over 65 years old. Indeed, younger leaders vying for political offices are considered by some Christians as being the “Will of God.” But then what happens when the darling of the people is not voted in? Does it mean that citizens will have missed God’s will? In considering what is God’s will, the question we must ask is this: Is it really God’s will for someone to be the president because they are our favorite candidate? Or is youth and beauty, even brains a requisite for leadership? As citizens are people responsible for the outcome of this election? I propose here that, there are some inconsistencies that we must be aware of, and some that we cannot account for. Since most Christians wish to maintain the elected candidate will be according to God’s will, then we have no say if our favorite darling candidate loses this election. What happened about the looser? Many run the race, but only one wins. I think it will help citizens to prepare better for who wins this coming election, only if we are willing to acknowledge some inconsistences among Christians when it comes to praying for politics and politicians.

Christians and Inconsistency arise from the belief that a person who rises to occupy the highest office in the land must be appointed by God. This first inconsistency presents yet another second inconsistency in our belief system and arises from the fact that in politics results are everything. This then means that if we see desired results, this must be God’s will. Is it? We forget that some results come with the position of the individual and the resources that are available to them. Consider that, it is rare that a poor and unknown person wins the presidential election. If they do, you should look behind them and ask who is supporting this candidate. In 2018, I received an interesting request to vie for a position within our city right here in GA. The message also instructed that I get my people together. In other words, who will stand and back this candidate, not just by flowery words, but with resources. Here we say, who will put their money where their mouth is?

The Kenya government is purportedly democratic, which is the will of the people, by the people for the people. Albeit God is sovereign, and we must be willing to pray according to God’s will in Matthew 6:10, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven, and so on. Although we know that results in politics are everything, we cannot always assume that the end justifies the means. Consider that what is God’s on the day of election, will or may merge with the people’s will. Or if people insist, God can give people their desires and cause leanness in their spirits. Remember in the Bible. God desired to give people judges to rule them. The people desired a King. So, God granted their will. He gave them their will, which later became the contention of future kings, say to this day. This is pretty much like King Saul’s time. Why can a selected leader not be God’s will, yet this leader is the people’s desire? Do you see how easy it is to choose a leader who is not after God’s heart? Such leaders who are drunk with nothing but power, can become oppressive to the very citizens who voted for them. As a result, we should not be shocked when we elect leaders who do not reflect our moral values or our belief system. Yet at the same time, we should be proud of ourselves when we elect caring leaders who will exercise justice and mercy to citizens. 

Politics of Winner by Majority Votes: At this point, do citizens have confidence with the current system that whoever has the majority votes will become the president? How can we guarantee that the will of citizens “Wanjikus” will prevail? If we sorely depend upon God, would that be bordering on being somewhat fatalistic? Has God not given us the ability to make choices? If so, why do we want to relinquish that ability? This ability to make choices rests with the citizens and the system established to afford citizens to vote. Hopefully, this young democracy has mature candidates that if one does not win, he or she will accept defeat. Yaani asiyekubali kushindwa yeye si mshindani.

Democracy in the heart: There are many forms of modern governments, but I choose democracy and theocracy because these 2 forms seem to cause inconsistencies already mentioned above. One of the purposes of this article is to highlight democracy and theocracy, especially for citizens and young voters. Many people say, we must pray for the country for God’s will to be done. However, the best prayers we can offer at this crucial moment must be non-partisan. We must pray that the process will be fair to all candidates. I think we pray because in principle we believe in the power of prayer. Also, the Bible commands us to pray for all men, especially those who have authority over us. It is only in practice if we fail because of praying partisan prayers. Consider that 85.52 % of Kenya adult population has adherence to Christianity (Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox) see This demonstrates that as Christians we must pray for all the leaders, and not just our favorite darling candidates.

 Prayers and Africans:

1 Timothy 1:1-2 “Therefore I exhort first of all those prayers of supplications, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” Essentially, it is for our own good as citizens to pray.

The beauty among us Africans is that we are strong believers that God is involved directly in the affairs of men. We believe that every physical activity is given life by the spirit. We believe that God is sovereign, He is involved in the lives of citizens, and therefore, He allows citizens to make choices. He is the one who has given individuals free will. Therefore, we pray to know His will so that we can vote accordingly. This means that we will likely vote people who believe more like us, or even people who look more like us. Although I think we already know these people, Prayer is important as it gives us guidance in matters concerning politics. Prayer gives us discernment and can reveal the wickedness in men and women – ulterior motive of upcoming team of leaders.

We all pray. I have not yet met an African who does not believe in praying to God, as a Supernatural being. Although, some believe in African Traditional Religions (ATR), we all agree that we must pray for political elections. How we pray maybe the only point of departure. Perhaps, as mentioned elsewhere in the Prayer Mobilization article, we believe in God and in the power of prayer. However, for this specific season of political campaigns, elections, and post elections, when we say Christians or Citizens are praying, we essentially announce that we believe in God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. My friends, let us keep praying for the country in unity of purpose and of the spirit of God. Continue to pray for  the stability of citizens, “that we may live a quiet and peaceable life with all godliness and reverence.”

What next? Kenya is not a theocracy. All the competing prophecies coming to you, must be tested by time. If your prophecy does not come to pass, do not be surprised to be called a false prophet. Remember Kenya is a modern democracy-a government by the will of the people as given that freedom to choose by the divine.

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