City Hall Wrangles Leads To The Resignation Of Speaker Beatrice Elachi.


In a dramatic twist of events, the Speaker of Nairobi County assembly, Beatrice Elachi, today morning, tendered her resignation and introduced her happy looking deputy John Kamangu, as her successor.

She thanked the President, and further said that she was now proceeding to write a book that maybe would reveal all the problems at Nairobi County which is believed to be run not by the elected officials, but by powerful untouchable cartels.

It was not an easy journey for the speaker who was fought right left and center, and the same, may have proved too much for her conscience and had to resign. she only commented “It has been tough and I can’t hold any longer,” ” I therefore tender my resignation to the President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta”

She was however thankful to the Jubilee administration under President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, for giving her a chance to serve the County as its speaker during her brief and stormy tenure.

Her remarks however, has drawn criticism with many saying that she should not have mentioned the President in her resignation, but would have followed the County Assembly’s set guidelines towards the same.

She has been the Assembly speaker from 2017, and it was a period she encountered alot of opposition including possible threats to her life, by the so called City hall cartels that have been dominating, and interfering, with the County affairs.

Her resignation comes at a time when the Governor of the same County, Mr. Mike Sonko, is currently barred from accessing his office after he was convicted of corruption. Sonko has constantly engaged himself in a bitter direct confrontation with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services director, Mr Mohamed Badi.

There were always chaos during Elachi’s leadership, and in September 2018 after hardly a year in office, she was kicked out of office.

The impeachment, was due to her poor working relationship with the Governor Mike Sonko, whom she even publicly humiliated but Sonko, had County Assembly members, who fully supported him and were all out to frustrate her and the same, was characterized by physical fights at the Assembly.

The court reinstated her but still, the fights did not cease and her return, was also characterized by lots of drama after MCA’S who were loyal to the Governor, vowed to make her stay miserable by trying all ways to block her.

It however continued till 2019, when she again faced stiff opposition with the MCA’S who were again calling for her impeachment and on July 28, a group of MCA’s exchanged blows at City Hall corridors while trying to serve her with a notice of impeachment.

The police were called to contain the situation and in the process, used they had to use tear gas to disperse over 50 MCA’S leading to an ugly confrontation that left one MCA of Mlango Kubwa, Patricia Mutheu, badly injured after she was clobbered by the police.

The most recent confrontation, was between the Elachi’s Clerk appointee Mr. Edward Gichana who was blocked by the court.

It is apparent that the so called cartels, are powerful people that want to control the City any way they want, and the Government should immediately intervene to bring control of the City and the best way is to dissolve the same.

All MCA’S should be sent home for fresh elections and all cartels need to be identified, and charged for the unrest at City Hall.

We may take the cartels as simple people, but the same is far from the truth basing on past wrangles at the same City Hall that used to have Councillors with similar roles as MCA’S

In 1999, Former City Councillor, S.M. Maina, died in a London Hospital where he was undergoing physiotherapy after he was paralysed from the chest down. It was as a result of being critically injured by two gunmen who had left him to die in a city street.

During the time he was shot, he had strongly opposed allocation of City properties.

The killers were never apprehended and the fall guys, who were City conmen who used to hang around the famous African boots, were tried but later released for lack of sufficient evidence.

We may call cartels businessmen that get tenders at City hall, but the things they are capable of doing, can bring a shiver to one’s nerves and it’s a high time the Government maintain sanity at City Hall by hunting all of them then eventually convict them for sabotaging and ruining the once beautiful City.

If that is not done, City hall will continue the same game of musical chairs and service delivery to the people, will just be a figmentation of blurred illusionary hope, a fantastic notion, and the long awaited Ainsworth’s visionary dream of a Birmingham palace kind of a unique City, never again a reality.

Arch Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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