Cleanse State House First Before I Move In. Ruto Requests Selected Evangelicals Clergy.


After returning to Kenya, President William Ruto requested the clergy to cleanse Statehouse before he officially moves in to discharge his duties.

At a thanksgiving service held at the State House Gardens, he revealed that a team comprising of  renowned evangelical clergymen had been chosen to lead the prayer sessions, that would see the entire facility dedicated to God.

“After this service, part two may not be as organized as the first session. We will ask 30 or 40 of our senior clergy to pray over this building, this residence, and the offices so that God can give us solutions for this country.

“Do not leave after lunch, speak a word of blessing for this building and around this compound, even on the farm, everywhere! Those who can speak in tongues do it so that it is known that the new tenants have arrived,” the President stated.

Aware that the decree would deviate from the presidential protocol, Ruto assured his guests that he had communicated the same information to those in charge.

He was speaking at State house after sneaking back into the country from his trips to the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The Head of State made special prayer requests to the church leaders present.

Following the banditry attack in Turkana that killed eleven people, including eight police officers, he asked the clerics to pray to God for peace in the country.

“Pray so that the spirit of conflict and cattle rustling will be defeated. We are doing what we can do as a government to ensure we see the last of this kind of thing,” Ruto implored.

He also asked that those charged with keeping the peace within and outside the country be remembered in prayer. Furthermore, the President urged church leaders to pray so that his administration may enable Kenyans to meet their basic needs.

“I want to request you to pray for put plans; so that those who are hungry, can be fed by the Government, those who do not have shelter, we can build houses for them, to those who are sick, we can have a UHC for them,” Ruto requested.

Lastly, he sought divine intervention in solving the country’s economic crisis, which he reiterated was in a sorry state.

“I want you to pray for our economy because we are not in a very good place. As we speak today, we are chained to many debts; 65 per cent of our income is used to pay the debt. Things are difficult but we shall succeed,” he noted.

The fifth President of the Republic of Kenya insisted that citizens save more in order to reduce their reliance on foreign aid.

He stated that he would respect the court’s decision on mandatory National Social Security Fund (NSSF) contributions, but that he would follow constitutional procedures in making the necessary changes to ensure that his plan works.

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