Cohen Murder Case: The Plot Thickens.


Little was known about the role the court of appeal judge Sankale ole Kantai played on Sarah Cohen’s murder case until his arrest this morning which coincided with a local daily publication presenting the same.

According to the newspaper, Justice Sankale ole Kantai allegedly gave Sarah Cohen pieces of advice, helped her craft the reports to the police.This means he directly influenced her murder case.

Before his arrest in Kiembeni, Mombasa before was taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters in Nairobi where he recorded a statement with homicide detectives, the said media had published a story of the role he played on Sarah Cohen’s murder case.

It is reported that Justice Sankale ole Kantai played this unique role on the terrace of Kisumu’s Aqua Pool Bar on the second floor of Acacia Premier Hotel where he was attending a workshop.

This was long before Sarah was arrested nor even summoned by the police to record statement. It is said, Sarah had reached out to him while hoping to get some advice just in case she was caught or if the police implicated her in the death of Cohen.

The generous judge who seemed to be deeply in love with Cohen’s wife Sarah as per romantic messages that were published in the paper, ensured he paid for Sarah’s ticket to Kisumu using M-Pesa and later sent his driver to pick her up at the Kisumu International Airport. The driver would drop her to the airport two days later after their planned long stay was cut short by a police call directing Sarah to go record a statement with them in Nairobi.

Sarah would then scan copies of the media coverage and story links, send them to Justice Sankale ole Kantai before she recorded her statement with the police. She also sent the soft copy of her statement with the police for the judge to go through and advice.

The two are also said to be having a business together that dates back to when the court of appeal judge was a lawyer. Justice Sankale ole Kantai reportedly registered himself as the beneficial owner of a share owned by a former MP without the knowledge of the majority shareholder. He later transferred the share to Sarah.

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