Corruption is an enemy that will eventually kill the very tenets the nation was founded while rendering the constitution meaningless. It can further lower the morale of citizens, break the very fabric of society and affect the economic growth of any nation whether developed or under developed.

It is one of the biggest challenges in the present-day world and one that can eventually yield to bad Governance that leads to total COLLAPSE of established institutions.

The main factors that accelerate corruption is mishandling of policy where the chain of command is not respected or certain people have privileges and high handedness arrogance attitude that make them feel like they are above the law.

In Kenya corruption is found almost everywhere and on everything, starting from paying bribes to civil servants for their favor of doing work that they are paid to do, to the politicians and bureaucrats that use the public power for self interest.

 Corruption attacks and interferes with the principles of justice and thereafter damaging society and if exceeded, it will eventually bleed a revolution when the gap between the rich and the poor gets to extremes. Corruption includes bribes, trading insider, variation orders without justification, electoral fraud, embezzlement, public land grabbing, selective tendering, patronage, conflicts of interest etc.

Corruption bleeds poverty in the end as when the money used for infrastructure and service delivery is misappropriated, people are forced to seek other alternative means that are usually costly.

There are very few developing countries that have low corruption levels and in such countries you will find that projects undertaken, cost less than in those with high corruption levels. The projects are hiked to double or at times triple the original tender sum and making them not viable after completion.

We have a situation in our country Kenya where foreign investors are made to accept corruption as a way of doing business and the same investors are promised access to local goods, trade their goods and given further incentives to even bring their prisoners for cheap labor.   

That is where political corruption begins and with time, transactions between private and public sector actors through collective goods and assets, are then converted into individual private monetary gain uses.

Propensity political patronage acrimony that gives powers to certain impeachable individuals to select office bearers on friendship bases or tribal lines and many without job credentials is an outrageous ill-conceived corruption culture that leaves a lot to be desired.  

Political corruption mainly takes places in high level of political system, usually decision-makers who use civil servants behind the scenes and in most cases there is no direct link as they are commanded through telephone calls. They are threatened of being sacked and they have no choice and approve payments without justification.

Political corruption occurs when government officials use unlawful misdirection of governmental resources for their own personal gain.

Political corruption not only leads to the mismanagement of resources, but it also affects the manner in which decisions are made and manipulated and thus creating further corruption to the lower cadre.

In general, corruption is detrimental to economic development because it damages foreign investment and local private firms entrepreneurship are not spared either as it can easily diffuse unsuspected.

Corruption in fragile states where the ruling party have little or no control over the corrupt persons, the authenticity of the state will fade with lack of service and at times lender the President helpless.  

Legality depends on the services rendered and the ability to satisfy popular demands, more than the way the state is operated.

Besides, the charm of political leaders is also important when it comes to legitimacy. Resourceful states can therefore sustain a relatively high and unwavering level of corruption, or manage to keep the level of corruption at a low level at will. The might of the state and the political power it commands is what determines the level of corruption.

Proficient states can therefore sustain a relatively high and unyielding level of corruption, or deal with the level of corruption at a low level at will. The might of the state and the political willpower is what explains the low level of corruption in autocratic countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Some types of corruption can develop the country in areas of housing as the thieves after stealing will divert the money into their private investments which will affect others sectors that are part of the development plan.  Therefore it is important to oppose corruption in developing nations because there will be no positive impact on economic growth and the same will only create instability.


1.The simplest and most effective way to curb corruption  is to simply do away with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats altogether.

2. Reducing the size of the state functions to manageable levels

3. Reduce the Ministries and scrap posts of Governors.

4. Counties to be under a ministry of Local Government

3. Privatize state corporations.  

 4. Give more powers to the Executive arm of the Government so that the President can hire and fire without going through a vetting process.


For effective implementation of anti- corruption institutions we can create an independent commission to try and jail offenders.

Jail top corrupt Ministers so that all can see the seriousness.

Civil servants should be given more power to do their duties without much interference.

 Law should be clear about corrupt and corruption.

Common man should be given rights to report against corrupt politicians.

 Government should regulate the laws and clearly define prison term for corrupt individuals basing on funds stolen.

Give more power to DCI office to prosecute corrupt people without any interference

Implementation of defined transparency in public sectors, where the tendering process can be done openly and the best person to win and the same publicized by all media.




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