D.C.I. Mr. Kinoti Should Move With Speed And Involve Interpol To Repatriate Roselyn Akombe As A Person Of Interest In Chris Msando’s Death

File picture Roselyn Akombe
Late Chris Musando

Roselyn Akombe from her hiding haven, has been tweeting with Ezra Chilomba and the fugitive Miguna Miguna and judging from the tweets, it’s apparent that she has some knowledge about the death of Chris Msando who met his brutal death a few days prior to the 2017 Presidential elections.

It is evident that she definitely has something up her sleeves and she has broadcasted her willingness to testify and give information pertinent to the unresolved crime that shook the Kenyan Nation and the entire world.

As a person of interest Roselyn can provide information that can lead to a suspect or might turn into a suspect herself.

She may not be as sincere as we may assume and the fact that she run into exile after the death of Chris, means that she was involved with some people who may be a threat to her life and the same people, could be the ones that were involved in Chris Musandos murder. The rest in IEBC including Chilomba and Chebukati and many others are still in Kenya and one wonders what and who made her to run away. That is the genius of the matter that can bring to book the murderers.

The DCI should now move with speed and petition Interpol to trace her and immediately repatriate her back to Kenya as a protected witness.

In her book “when no one is suspecting. Murder is easy” Aghatha Christi, would treat such people like Roselyn Akombe as the actual “murderer in the house” but though they would end innocent, they would give vital information that led to the real suspect.

If you follow those tweets and the subsequent hidden meaning by Ezra Chiloba, its evident that these two know something that can nail someone to stand trial for murder.

The body of the top Kenyan election official believed to have had a secret password to the tallying computers was found in a thicket and was obvious and further proved that he was severely tortured and strangled to death, as per the finding of the autopsy. It was reported then that one of his fingers that was part of the secrecy to accessing the hidden password had been chopped off.

The body had deep scratches and cuts on his back and hands, as recorded by the  chief government pathologist.

Mr Msando was part of those in charge of Kenya’s computerized voting system for the Presidential elections.

His body was discovered on the outskirts of Nairobi alongside that of a woman named Carol Ngumbu, believed to have met him on the fateful night.

The Chairman of IEBC Wafula Chebukati had commented words to the effect that “there was no doubt that he was tortured and murdered” after viewing his body.

The investigations had commenced immediately and the same was confirmed by the then Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe.

The united States also released a statement regarding their concern on the murder and called for free, fair and credible elections. They had further expressed their willingness to offer assistance to conclude the matter with utmost urgency, but it seems like the same never happened and up to today, no one has ever been apprehended to stand trial.

The same could be attributed to lack of evidence but now that there seem to be someone willing to offer assistance to have the murderer or murders apprehended, the same  should be taken serious and thus the call for immediate repatriation of Roselyn Akombe.

Chris Msando was a loving family man, who treasured and respected his wife and children.”

The family had then requested the social media to refrain from posting information meant to hurt them as most of what was being circulated, was false just to tarnish the family and thereafter cause more grief.

RIP Chris Musando.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254


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