David Ndii Call For Secession Is An Intellectual Embarrassment Move Not Expected From A Reflective Mind.


Some may argue that development funds allocation is determined by the demographic compositions in certain regions, but the same, should be guided and determined by other not obvious factors as physical planners should be more concerned with the future potentiality of all localities in Kenya.

While they do it, they don’t consult any political group, but analyze potential regions that requires funds allocations in order to eventually realize the projected resources beneficial to the country.

The potential of those regions, should be the best formula in allocation of funds as opposed to population. This kind of formula, will open areas assumed and considered marginalized and thereafter, attract a movement of population as people will definitely immigrate to such potential areas.

All allocations are going to Kenyan regions and as such, there should be no politicking for we are not giving allocation to other countries except our own to be developed.

Humans in most instances, tend to live in unproductive areas as long as there are nearby Cities to seek employment and that trend, kills some sectors that were once the main source of boosting Kenya’s economy.

If you look at the central province for example, many have abandoned farming as the majority of the youth are not concerned with agriculture, but concentrating all their efforts in immigrating to big Cities to seek employment.

We should not assume that allocation of funds is a political bargain to allow the big tribes to continue dominating in the political arena by using tyranny of numbers. This assumption, can be eliminated if we allow free movement of the population and by assuring safety for all to own land anywhere one feels like without fear.

Allocation of financial resources which is often seen as a formula-driven activity, should not be restricted in a written policy document but the same, should be guided and based on other broader range of factors that can be changed from time to time, and not always as reflected in the existing resource allocation formula.  

The planners should not always be restricted to formula but rather, can use later collected data obtained though qualitative interviews at national, regional and district levels, and the same may include donor representatives and local government officials.

Other factors include the availability of human resources especially in health sector, local capacity to utilize funds, donor involvement, and commitment to promote equity ought to be the consideration that influence decisions in resource allocation, and which will in the end, affect the equity of funding allocations.  

Transparent resource allocation system should be based on needs, and taking into account key issues such as capacity constraints, and the inequitable human resource distribution.

Kenya regions must not be seen to belong to certain tribes and for that matter, assuming that Central province or Rift valley belongs to certain tribes is backwardness and the same, should not be the case at this time and age.

Those advocating to divide Kenya are not helping anyone as Kenya belongs to all and no community should assume they own certain oil region, parks, forests, lakes or ports.

Tyranny of numbers domination is made to exist due to lack of insight as no one is willing to educate the masses to vote not by tribes, but for development conscious people only. This evil resulted when large communities started forming alliances and the same trend, should cease to exist in a free and democratic country where multiparty form of Government exist. The solution is not joining but electing the best candidate from any party big or small.

It is wrong for Mr Ndii to assume that Kenya is a unitary state for there is no supremacy as each region is answerable to the central Government and those like him thinking of having federal states in a tiny country like Kenya, are retrogressive day dreamers. Secession is simply a desperate move that should not be entertained and taken serious by anyone with a heart and hope for a United Kenya.

We only need a person that can unite all Kenyans in all regions and make all to feel to belong to any region. Let us all assume that its the much talked about legacy which Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, is trying to establish and the same, to go beyond the year 2050.

Dividing Kenya is not a solution, but uniting the same, will make the country stronger and that was the reason the united states of America objected to the formation of confederate states and united all to form one USA. It was through that unity that the same became the most powerful nation on earth.

Therefore grumbling of the distribution of resources in Kenya, should not arise but what we should now be concerned most, is the full utilization of the funds to the targeted development areas.

Those that feel that certain areas are getting more than others, should now be planning on how to buy properties in those regions.

In short, no one is glued in a certain region and all are free to move if only the Government assures their safety and if determined, all Kenyans will develop a sense of belonging to any region anywhere in the country without fear of any intimidation.

We fail because we do not try!

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National assembly for 254



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