Death In The Diaspora Soars To Worrying Proportions


Josephene Gitau-Austin Texas

The year 2020, has been a real rough time to those families in the Diaspora and back in Kenya, due to many unfortunate deaths that have occurred continuously since the beginning of the year.

Most of the deaths, are associated with mental illness leading to suicide , old age, some domestic violence cases, while still many others due to Covid-19 that still has taken quite a toll of many in the Diaspora worldwide.

It is such a painful feeling to loose someone in a family, but it is more devastating when families lose their loved ones while being far from home and the thought of receiving unresponsive body of someone they had escorted at airports with high hopes, is an ineffable experience not befitting any word in the English dictionary.

The report of a second wave of COVID-19 recurrence, has left many troubled in Diaspora Worldwide, as they continue to struggle to sustain a living while being aware that one has no choice but to continue working in the same environment that can eventually lead to death.

The Diaspora Kenyan community, mostly work in hospitality and health related jobs and many are daily exposed to the pandemic and considering that the same people have families, it gets scary and complicated when safety issue becomes  a great concern to all.

Despite the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic, most commercial minded Churches, have resumed though taking necessary precaution but one wonders if the same, is a wise thing to do as it’s a necessity that can be performed online.

The other group of Kenyans still on the harms way, are the long distance semi truck drivers that move from state to state and eventually return to their homes after a week and sometimes staying even longer than a month.

This category too, is exposed as they pass through some unhygienic truckstops and rest areas, where it’s easy to interact with people who may be suffering and still working in those places or touch areas contaminated with the virus.

The USA itself, have recorded more than 10 cases due to Covid-19 and many more are likely to die due to the same but the most scaring thing, is to imagine how the pandemic has rendered so many jobless leading to being homeless.

The many occurrences of suicide are a worrying trend that needs to be addressed in all groups as we have lost many Kenyans who would have continued surviving if only a counselor reached to them.

We have homeless Kenyans living under bridges and had they reached to someone before it got to that situation, they would have continued leading a normal life.

We are our brothers keepers and it’s that fundamental belief that make the world a better place to live in but if we neglect our noble roles, we shall not achieve much in helping the unfortunate in society.

Therefore, let us be on the lookout for our lost and unfortunate brothers in Diaspora and together, we can lessen these many occurrences of immature deaths, happening at an alarming rate.


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