I Decree and Declare Independence from Wondering How it will Always be, because “it shall be well”.

As a young Christian I thought that this verse referred to the good things I did, but as I have continued to mature in this walk, I can say that it has nothing to do with our good but everything to do with God’s goodness.

Every Believer no matter how spiritual and wonderful they think they are will face difficulty circumstances.

Sometimes it seems like no matter what methods one employs, one cannot just work through tough times.

Indeed, there are some problems like certain losses that don’t have a good solution and yet in USA many have been taught that every problem has a solution. Other issues are actually moot points.

 For example,…. How do you tell a student James who lost his Mom, then his home burned down in winter that all things work out together for good?  My Theology teacher Dr. S at Lee University said that God wanted to teach a person something. So I asked, if that is the case, would it not be wonderful for all Christians to go through testing, trials and temptations? That way we can all mature together and faster.

He was upset because his class was supposed to have 18 year olds, but here was Mama Cirû in his class asking adult questions.

After that there was the problem of Evil but all the same, I passed his class and moved on.

Today I can say, yes, and state that every believer will one day, soon not later face those circumstances that seems hard to work through. But during times like these the Holy Spirit of God who lives on the inside of believers will help one to rise up above human limitations.

Also we know that we can pray in the spirit and see the situations from God’s perspective. Besides, not too long here we said that we have an advocate with the Father, the Man Jesus Christ.

He is forever our intercessor, as we submit to God, as we praise and worship Him instead of worrying about our problems, as we face every fear with faith, every doubt with a definite decision, every counterfeit with a clear vision of the promises of God;

We can say with great courage & confidence,:

“And we know that all things work out together for good to them that are the called according to His purpose just as the Kikuyu song put it” (igurû ria maûndû mothe wee wì Ngai, wikaga magegania, ûyûrite hinya…Atì maûndû Mothe mekikaga niguo nyone hinya).  “Above all things You are Lord, You do wonders with all the powers so that I can get strength”

Above all He is our Sovereign Lord. He is Jehovah Adonai.

When we face circumstances beyond our human limitations, let us pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lift us up and we will stand.

As we continue with studying  Romans 8, we will embrace the next thing, and that is hardships will come packaged in all kinds of names, but nothing shall ever separate us from the love of God.

So I do declare ahead of Independence Day that all things in my life are working out together for good.

Now as an adult I do know that it is not all the good things only because it is God who has the upper hand, it means that also the bad and the ugly things.

Submit them all to the Lord when all you are and all you have is surrendered to God, it will fall in place.

It will all work out for he knows your beginnings, your middle and your final destination.

You can trust Him for he is from everlasting to everlasting.

So my dear brothers and sisters, let go off any hindrances in your life for it is not your Righteousness that will do it but His righteousness. 

It is not your carnal confidence, nor is it your acquired human accomplishments but rather it is His strength.

He will see you through the rest of July and the rest of 2019.

Rejoice, Relax in Him and Rest assured. Amen. 

Rev Wambûi Njoroge

*I Decree and Declare Independence For You To Accept The Truth in Romans 8:28* ✝

Senior Contributor and Adviser

Kenyan Parents in USA


*I Decree and Declare Independence For You To Accept The Truth in Romans 8:28* ✝

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