“Diaspora Kings and Queens” No purpose Groups In Noisy Mood, As DNA Proceed To Rewrite The Constitution Of Kenya.


The brains behind the Diaspora National Assembly are astonishing, and the DNA Global President Dr DK Gitau has hinted out that the Thinktank group is contemplating on drafting a broad based constitution of Kenya that will look into each and every aspects of life.

The Diaspora Thinktank group that mirrors the National assembly is currently debating on the BBI and then continue with the debate to cover and rewrite the entire constitution of Kenya. The constitution will later be forwarded to President Uhuru as a retirement gift.

The group will select a taskforce that will collect views from Kenyans in the Diaspora and extend the same, to all in Kenya through organized Townhall meetings that will be coordinated by the DNA Ambassador and CS Foreign Affairs, Hon James Kairu.

The Assembly under the guidance of the no nenesense tough Speaker of the assembly Hon. Elizabeth Njeru from Perth Australia is a force that has taken many in the Diaspora by storm, while making the NONE-ISSUE tribal Kings and Queens that had dominated the Diaspora, to go into hibernation.

The Assembly is now forming States Assemblies with full cabinet and so far they have full assemblies in Western States led by the able Archbishop Hon Dr. Stephen Njenga. The Northern States DNA under the leadership of the Illustrious Father Hon George Omwada. The Southern States DNA under the wise leadership of the multi linguist Hon Kiongo Muigai. The Eastern States under the Sacco guru Hon Phillip Gitonga.

The DNA want to establish Assemblies all over the WORLD and UK has now devolved with a fully established Assembly under the leadership of Dr Esther Kanyari  working with her Deputy President who served in London as a councilor Hon Elizabeth Kangethe.

The Main assembly will be consulting the DNA attorney General Mr Paul Mwangi from time to time to ensure that the outcome of the rewriting of the Kenyan constitution, will be the perfect gift Diaspora can use to give back to the people of Kenya.

They are ahead of all Diaspora groups and even coming up with an airlift Program of assisting Kenyans to study abroad with grants they are currently negotiating.

The formation of able council men and women is ongoing and the same will cover all States in USA and other Diaspora regions. That exercise is in line with DNA Diaspora 2050 agenda.

“We are not relenting on our journey and the vision of establishing a Diapora constituency is on course” said the Global President of DNA Architect Dr D.K. Gitau.

Jean Kamau

Senior Underwriter


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