Reverend Wambui on behalf of the entire Diaspora has sent condolences to the family of Young Kelvin.

She prayed for the family and due to the many such cases, she hereby wish to enlighten everybody, the problem we are having as Kenyans in the Diaspora. It is an urgent issue that need attention as it has been ignored for a long time.

  • It seems that Kelvin died alone blanketed by snow,  but his spirit returned to the maker. Therefore, spiritually, he really was not alone. Fear not I am with you…

    It was not a case of not having papers, or the fear of returning to Kenya, nor living in America but a sad case where young Kevin according to family reports was fighting in silent alcoholism.
  • He had all the papers and had parents in WA and DE but as an individual, he was a young man trying to make it in life and always saying he was OK but he was not.
  •  According to family, he struggled to control his drinking habits and according to his family’s report, they “tried to get him off the streets and off alcohol.” Ultimately those efforts failed.

    People need the Lord. They need family, but they also need treatment for dual diagnosis.
  • A person might have an underlying Mental Health illness or, call it issue, and have a second diagnosis as being an alcoholic.
  • This has been a subject of our discussion here in Diaspora intensely for the last 5 months. KEMEN initiated this discussion so that we can remove stigma attached to mental health and drug addictions and we would like our people to know that there is help.

    It seems to me from the Reporting News in Tacoma that his family knew and tried to help. The family needs our prayers during this time of grief. They did their best and no one, should blame them for the tragedy.
  • So what goes wrong in such a situation and how can we assist?

    Sometimes people need a more higher level of care than family or community efforts can give  but there are some issues that cannot be discussed, lectured or spoken, neither prayed through without Medical prevention and intervention.
  • Talking and praying can help alot, however, many people are not trained to know where their help starts and where the medical help should commence.
  • Even in Churches many are not able to tell the difference between spiritual problems and, mental health.
  • The best thing is to let the Mental Health providers to deal with these issues, and we as the community of faith, pray and support families.
  • So while still praying, discussing and talking, it is important to get professional help and the good news is that help is available.
  • Right here in this forum we have professionals, but a person has to be willing to get that help.

    Anyone with a family member who has Dual Diagnosis that is an alcoholic with a mental illness like depression, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia please seek help.
  • There is also help for the individual struggling. ….For example, AL-Non for family supporting the individual.  While Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is for the recovering alcoholic.
    Most of the support groups meet in Churches and one can find out if his/her  Church has a group or find a group in a nearby Church.
  • This can be by Zip Code and most support groups in USA do not charge a fee and are open so that a person can join them any time.

    Another good Resource is “U Turn for Christ.”…. It’s for discipline, rehab & detoxification an  it is available for a reasonable cost in USA.  It is also available in Kenya – Central & Western Provinces.
  • A person’s medical insurance might cover most of the costs, or if one doesn’t have insurance, the hospital can be a gateway to applying for insurance.
  • In Kenya apply for NHIF but be patient as there is a waiting period for the insurance to kick in. 

    Roman 8:1, there is no condemnation… Implied.
  • These problems have affected born again Christians, both adults and youth.
  • Our youth who have been tragically taken away by these issues, many of them were raised in Church, prayed over and through.
  • They were born again as are their parents but just like a person has diabetes, cancer or High Blood pressure – and is still a born again Christian,  it’s the same way a youth or an adult can struggle with Mental illness and alcohol as a disease.
  •  It is as a result of self destructive behavior but nevertheless, our families deserve to be embraced and not pushed away.
  • This is the reason why I preach “Let us always be quick to help first and to show forgiveness without blame.”
  • We may not help every person, but we will try to reach out and impact at least ONE positively.

    Tomorrow we have an, academic session, which is sorely for this dream killer: Diaspora Mental Health issues affecting families.
  • We will be at Yahweh International Community Church in Marietta, GA.
  • Let us work to reach out and touch at least ONE person for it will be worth our best efforts.

  • Rev. Wambûi Njoroge, M.Sci.

FYI Rev Wambui Njoroge Formally Worked as Child/ Adolescent and their families/Mental Health Counselor within a GA Public School System. For Pre-K to K-12 Also MH Observer for Project Head Start in same County for 10 years. So my specialty is Youth and their families.

Disclaimer/No information shared should substitute medical treatment or requirement thereof.

Rev Wambui Njoroge, M.Sci TCMI/Facilitator for Family Enrichment Education Forums, USA.


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