Diaspora National Assembly Post Of Madam Julliet Makhapila Goes Viral Reaching Over 400,000 worldwide


The Coronavirus message of Madam Julliet Makhapila posted by Diaspora National Assembly Global President Dr Isaac Kinungi, has gone viral by reaching over 400,000 viewers worldwide within a day and still going on.

The simple worded caution message with just three ways methods on how people can protect themselves, was widely shared all the way to India and on codex website recording 375,789 views by noon today.

Mheshimiwa Rachel Kamweru congratulated Madam Julliet Makhapila for the good effort in informing all on how to be cautious of the epidemic.

Mheshimiwa Rachel Kamweru well done for beautiful leaflets and Mukami and everyone.

The beautiful response and actions together.

 l can now announce to you on my side that the campaign from when you send me yesterday has now reached over a hundred thousand . Well done to all the team .

Thank you for responding to the call immediately and everyone else. #Stopcoronavirus #stopcoranavirusKe #StopcoronavirusUK

How To Be Safe From Corona Virus By Julliet Makhapila we thank Kenyan bloggers Isaac Kinungi for helping this beautiful messages.

From UK, USA all the way to Kenya. https://kenyanparentsinusa.com/how-to-be-safe-from-corona-…/

 By Grace we shall overcome if we follow all the above 3 steps. This will help save life.

Madam Julliet explains to all to follow the basics 3 steps and by his Grace, we shall overcome the Coronavirus. All help share. We thank you.


Thank you Global DNA President Dr. Isaac Kinungi for the great message we posted at our worldwide Codex website and so far we have over 375,000 views.

Keep up the good work and be safe out there.

Thanking You,

Abhishek Kumar Jha

Facebook LinkedIn 

President Codex

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly




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