Diaspora National assembly(DNA) Appoints Illustrious Kenyan Philanthropist Come Businessman James Kairu As Its Global Ambassador And Foreign Affairs CS.


James Wanderi Kairu or JK as he is commonly known among his peers is the second born of the four children of the former business magnate and Kieni M.P. David Munene Kairu and his wife Mrs. Lucy Wangechi Kairu. His siblings are Mr. Benson Kairu Munene, Mr. Patrick Maina Munene and Mrs. Esther Wanjiku Munene. He is married to his dear wife Mrs. Julia Wairimu Wanderi.

His father was a celebrated politician who was considered a backbone to Mt. Kenya politics and an instrumental force in Democratic party formation where he was among the key founders, strategist and financier together with its then party leader former President Mwai Kibaki.    

 He operated the white Rhino hotel which is historically believed was where the first white man hotel was able to serve a beer to a black man that costed one shilling.

In 2001 the hotel was gazetted as a historical monument which makes it a valuable historical site for Mt. Kenya region considering it was one of the first hotels to be established in this area.

Jimmy, the man
On his part JK is taking the region by storms. He has founded and initiated a whirlwind positive movement which targets to convert the Mt. Kenya region to Africa’s Guangzhou which together with Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen generated an eighth of China’s national output in year 2017.

JK, who exists as a socioeconomic development strategist, philanthropist and investor, is the vision bearer and founder chairman of Mt. Kenya development Movement (MKDM) which is a citizen oriented, non-political, non-profit socioeconomic development network of friends of Mt. Kenya region whose main agenda is economic development.

MKDM‘s vision is uniting for peace, prosperity and posterity of the members of the society.

Mt. Kenya development Movement currently operates within 13 counties namely: Kiambu, Murangá, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Kirinyaga, Embu, Tharaka Nthi, Meru, Isiolo, Samburu, Laikipia, Nakuru and Nairobi City County.

JK believes that no any country has developed without dedication of its citizen who defies all odds and goes out to convert any dry land to industrial parks and market hub. In his wide vision he envisages Kenya becoming Africa’s most industrialized country courtesy of Mt. Kenya development Movement. He plans to leverage on the region’s business acumen, proficient longlasting business networks, political goodwill, developed infrastructure and road network among other advantages that the region enjoy.

He wishes also to lobby the county governments and national government to revive the existing Nairobi-Nanyuki meter gauge railway. This would ease transport of the finished products from the agricultural hotbeds of the Kenyan highlands where the movements operations are based. It is also the plan of Mt. Kenya development Movement to strategically prepare for the LAPPSET corridor completion upon which they will hugely contribute in transformation of the dryparts of  Isiolo, Samburu, Laikipia, parts of Embu and Tharaka Nthi Counties into splendid manufacturing and modern cities marked with skyscrapers only comparable to the Dubai desert city.

MKDM also has a keen focus on the Kenya’s gold plant the Coffee farming. They are collaborating with farmers on how to increase coffee yield per bush, pricing of Coffee, and ways of export whether individually or through cooperatives and how value addition can be done locally among others.

JK is also in the process of seeking funds to establish ultra modern cancer research center in Mt Kenya region.

That is the brief story of the man DNA has nominated as its Global DNA Ambassador and DNA CS foreign affairs relationship to Kenya to ensure that its vision is embraced by men and women of great insight.

In the coming months, DNA will be strengthening ties with our Government in Kenya to ensure that service delivery to all in the Diaspora is made effective.

We have started by the very basic by requesting the immigration department to look into the e-citizen portal and remove the condition for those in the Diaspora the application process is directing them to apply for a Kenyan telephone number.

Our Ambassador will work with the relevant Department to ensure that the same is rectified to allow all in the Diaspora to use their telephone from the country they reside in.

We will then push for a Diaspora desk which we have already requested and eventually a fully fledged Ministry that will make sure that Diaspora remittances add more value to our economy. DNA will achieve that by engaging able men and women in the Diaspora worldwide to participate in international tenders. We will also further engage the Government to consider reducing taxes imposed on personal remittances.

DNA will strive at entering into partnership with major Government functions to ease the Diaspora burden in service delivery. This will help people in Diaspora from travelling long distances while applying passports and other documents.

Our Assemblies now located in all major Cities in USA and UK will be fully functional by the end of May and a council of elders established in all locations Diaspora Kenyans reside worldwide.

To achieve all that DNA together with guidance of our newly appointed DNA Ambassador will look into ways of establishing a Diaspora Headquarters in Nairobi that will contain offices and a Diaspora Bank.

We are delighted to have James as our DNA ambassador and our vision of uniting the Diaspora and making them to fully participate in both the economic and political arena will be fulfilled as per the laid out plans.

We are hereby appealing once again to all in the Diaspora to make this movement the best that ever happened and together as a united Diaspora, that remits $3 billion to our country, we shall attain the greatest heights possible.

We fail because we do not try, so let us believe that this vision is possible and justify our credence to the effect that “We are the Diaspora voice

Yes we are, and together we will finally leave footprints with our names permanently engraved in the corridors of time. The journey is on and therefore don’t say we did not urge you to join us.

We hereby wish James all the best as he start a journey of strengthening bilateral ties between DNA and all in Diaspora that want to join us to sit at a round table to engage the Government to address our needs without further delay.

Architect Dr. D.K. GITAU




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